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Check out these Emberwing: Lost Legacy cheats and stay cool!
Among the Leaves - Reach Silverleaf.
Diabolical Destruction - Release Nightfire from prison.
Dragon Champion - Finish the game in Mercenary mode.
Howdy Goatee - Pet the goat 5 times.
I Spy with My Eye - Finish 5 hidden object scenes without using hints.
Just a Flesh Wound - Save the Dragon.
Loremaster - Find all story tidbits in the game.
No Peeking! - Finish 15 minigames without skipping (non-consecutive).
Novice Archivist - Find your first collectible.
Prodigy - Finish the game in 6 hours or less.
Survivor - Finish the game on any difficulty.
There You Are! - Finish all hidden scenes without using hints.
Time to Fly - Repair the kite.
Trailblazer - Play the game for 100 minites without using hints.
Treachery Not Forgotten - Defeated Eridan without skipping.
Vulcan Genius - Finish all minigames without skipping.
Wild Cat Chase - Chase the cat 6 times.
You Found the Secret Stash! - Find the Boomzap developer logo.

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