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Coroner (15 Origin Points) - Find all the wearable items that make up the Taken Shape.
Forever Marked (100 Origin Points) - Progress the story to unlock.
Lateral Thinker (15 Origin Points) - Unlock all caches watched over by ancient statues.
Trial of Temperance (15 Origin Points) - [Rest Easy] trial always on in Emprise du Lion: claim Suledin Keep.
Trial of the Emperor (15 Origin Points) - Defeat 20 foes promoted by [Walk Softly].
Trial of the Empress (15 Origin Points) - [Even Ground] on: slay a level 16 or higher Fereldan Frostback.
Trial of the Fool (15 Origin Points) - [Take It Slow] on: reach Skyhold at level 5 or less.
Trial of the Hermit (15 Origin Points) - Slay 10 great bears promoted by [Grizzly End].
Trial of the Lovers (15 Origin Points) - [Fair-Weather Friends] always on: enter Halamshial with all followers.
Trial of the Magician (15 Origin Points) - [Travel Light] on for In Hushed Whispers: finish the quest.
Trial of the Tower (15 Origin Points) - [Rub Some Dirt on It] on: slay the Hivernal high dragon.

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