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Nov. 25, 2005
Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the cheat.

superspeed - Extra speed (During play)
moreplays - Secret plays (During play)
sharpeye - Good passes (Before passing)
whatatackle - Awesome tackles (When about to tackle)
superkid - Special kid (Draft players screen)
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Play as Mr. Clanky
To play as Mr. Clanky, go to the trophy case in the clubhouse and hold [Shift] as you click on him! Note: This cheat only works in Exhibition Mode.

Unlock Player
When you are in season and creating a team, create a player named "Barry Dejay". It will give you a hidden player.

Win All Levels
To win all levels is simple. Just kick the ball out of bounds, and press: Shift, Tab, and Enter. Note: May not work on all versions

Play as dummies
On the season coach list, enter MRCLANKY as the coach.

Awesome Player
Go to "Create your own team" and make their colors all pink. Then select Maria Luna and she will be on fire. She will have 10 batting, 10 running, 9 pitching, and 9 fielding. Have fun!

English Pablo
Go to the cards section and click on pablo. Then hold down shift and click on the picture. He says the same thing every time.

Special hitting
Hit a special pitch. You will hear a sound get either an Aluminum Power, Screaming Line Drive, Under Grounder, or Crazy Bunt.

Aluminum Power: Hit a special pitch with Power.
Screaming Line Drive: Hit a special pitch with a Line Drive.
Under Grounder: Hit a special pitch with a Grounder.
Crazy Bunt: Hit a special pitch with a Bunt.

Special pitches
When you strikeout a batter with three pitches (three strikes in a row), you will here a sound and get a different pitch (Fireball, Big Freeze, Corkscrew, Spitball, etc). Note: Each special pitch will make your juice go down.

Fireball: Super fast ball.
Slo-Mo: Super slow ball.
Corkscrew: The ball keeps looping around.
Zig-Zag: The ball zig-zags back and forth.
Crazyball: The ball flies all over the place.
Laughingball: The ball laughs very loud and is very hard to hit.
Big Freeze: The ball freezes right before the batter swings.
Elevator: The ball rises up over the bat once the batter swings.
Spitball: The ball sticks to the bat, causing it to go foul 90% of the time.

Note: Sometimes you will get more juice instead of a special pitch.
Player secrets
Hold [Shift] while clicking on the player's card in the card book and they will tell you a secret fact.

Good days and bad days
At the beginning of the baseball game when you are organizing your roster, place the pointer on the player's faces and their stats will appear. When you are looking at the stats, sometimes it will show baseballs that have plus signs and minus signs on them. Minus signs take away stats for that game. If the baseballs have plus signs for that game they add stats. On the score board players have different color backgrounds. When players have green backgrounds, they are going to have an average day. When the background is blue that player is going to have a bad day. An orange background means that player is going to have a good day.

Mr. Clanky's message
Mr. Clanky's card has ASCII text next to it. It translates to: Mr. Clanky says "Stay in school."

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