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Accident Prone - Awarded for being clumsy.
Collider - Awarded for using your ship as your weapon.
Conductor - Awarded for orchestrating powerful attacks.
Archeologist - Awarded for discovering ancient secrets.
Bullet Demon - Awarded for spraying enemies with overwhelming firepower.
Bulletproof - Awarded for your perseverance against enemy attacks.
Deathseeker - Awarded for your eagerness to move onto the next life.
Indecisive - Awarded for being indecisive about your weapons.
Junk Collector - Awarded for collecting space junk.
Destroyer - Awarded for eliminating remarkable amount of enemy forces.
First Timer - Awarded for playing the game for the first time.
Healer - Awarded for recovering your ship.
Obsessive - Awarded for being obsessed with the game.
Power Hungry - Awarded for powering up your firepower.
Scholar - Awarded for being a good student.

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