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A Journey of a Lifetime - Earn medals for all planets across all difficulties.
A Worthy Skyline - Have 20 towers built at one time.
Anyone For Sushi? - Kill 1,000 swarms.
Because I Miss Two Fingers - Complete 30 waves without having more than 8 towers.
Because You're Worth It - Get 100 tower upgrades.
Bested Bootcamp - Complete the tutorial.
Clean Them Coins, Boy... - Save 2,000 credits.
Deep Fried Five - Hit 5 or more enemies with one tower in one shot.
Epic...Simply Epic - Get 1,000 tower upgrades.
Exterminate...Exterminate - Kill 1,000 viceroys
Fort Knox, Eat Your Heart Out - Save 3,000 credits.
Go Home Team Go - Defeat 100 waves on Magna Primein freeplay mode.
I Believe In Gauss - Reach wave 20 eith only Gauss Turrets.
I'll Be Back - Earn medals for all planets on easy difficulty.
Ladies and Gentleman, We Got Him - Kill 1,000 tyrants.
Let's Just Assimilate - Defeat 100 waves on Cabal Installation in freeplay mode.
No Disc In Drive - Kill 1,000 scions.
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now - Fully upgrade 2 Quantum Launchers in one session.
One Of The Untouchables - Finish a session with the shield wall undamaged.
One Shot, Three Kills - Hit 3 or more enemies with one tower in one shot.
Party On The Rock - Defeat 100 waves on Outpost D-13 in freeplay mode.
Quantum Mechanics - Build 2 Quantun Launchers in one sessions.
Royally Assassinated - Kill 1,000 galvanizers.
Saved...For Now At Least - Earn medals for all planest of normal difficulty.
Shooting Warms Me Up - Defeat 100 waves on Tellora in freeplay mode.
Slaughter of the S'rath - Earn medals for all planets on hard difficulty.
Squash Em Kill Em Good - Kill 1,000 probes.
Still Haven't Learned, Have They? - Defeat 100 waves on Soristi in freeplay mode.
The Bigger They Are... - Kill 1,000 Quigors.
The More The Merrier - Have 2 waves active in one session.
The Original Challenge - Defeat 100 waves on Nova Cratos in freeplay mode.
The Towering Inferno - Have 30 towers built at one time.
The Wicked Three - Have 3 waves active in one session.
These Here Towers Are Mine - Complete 40 waves without selling any towers.
We Want It Just As Bad - Defeat 100 waves on Rhydon in freeplay mode.
Yeeeees, Master - Kill 1,000 mollusks.
You Can Lance, For Inspiration - Kill 1,000 lancers.
You Know What Nemesis Means? - Kill 1,000 man-o-wars.

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