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Unlock Additional Paint Colors
Brown - Complete an image of a Lamp Post.
Green - Complete an image of Smurfette.
Grey - Complete an image of a Well.
Dark Blue - Complete an image of some Mushrooms.
Pink - Complete an image of Papa Smurf.
Sky Blue - Complete an image of some Flowers.
Maroon - Complete an image of a Smurf Hut.
Violet - Complete an image of a Cake.
Yellow - Complete an image of a Gift Box.

Restore Village
The game saves the village automatically every day. If you want to revert to a previous day or lost your village for any reason you can use the following hidden feature: Start the game, select Options from the main menu and tap Papa Smurf 16 times (not the "Restart Game" feature next to his icon). After the 16th time a new option will be available in the bottom right corner called "Recover Village". Select it to find a list of saved games.

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