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GameCenter Achievements
Candyman - Candy land completed! So delicious.
Collector - 20,000 Lums collected! No doubt allowed, you're the champion!
Dagon's appetite - 2 El Stomacho levels completed... Meteorite collision avoided!
Dessert - Impressive! 1,000 Lums collected! Well done my friend!
Digesting time - 2 levels in El Stomacho's stomach completed... Indigestion!
Dragon baby - Flying Fish Tails completed... Tonight is sushi night!
Dragon hunter - 20 Inferno Dragons killed... It's burning!
First run - 5 km ran... How are you Sport?
First steps - 100 m ran... Sunday jogger.
Gentleman - 50 Teensies freed. Nicely played.
Gourmand - 3,600 Lums collected. Quite an achievement...
Hero - 144 Teensies freed . Challenge completed!
Jogging - 10 km ran... Like a race horse!
Lifeguard - 10 Teensies freed. Interesting...
Loaded! - 216 Skull coins picked up... Good fortune is on the way...
Main Course - Yiha ! 500 Lums collected. Congratulations!
Marathon - 30 km ran... Athletic.
Mecha Carnivora boss - Run or Burn completed... Without a sweat!
Nightmare catcher - Finish Nightmare mode.
Psyclops hunter - 20 Psyclops killed... Lets bounce!
Savior - 100 Teensies freed. Well done.
Splash - Splash and Bounce completed... To the Waterfront!
Starter - Yay ! 100 Lums collected.
Super Hero - 288 Teensies freed ... Impressive.
Voracious - 7,200 Lums collected! You are gifted!

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