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GameCenter Achievements
Acrobat - Unlock the Helicopter.
Allegro Presto - Complete Allegro Presto.
Ascensionist - Unlock Hanging.
Average rescue - Complete Blue Mountains with all the Electoons.
Bongo Hills - Complete Bongo Hills.
Boxer - Unlock the Telescopic fist.
Bye bye Bzzit - Defeat Bzzit in Anguish Lagoon.
Challenger - Beat 1000 enemies.
Chopped scorpion - Defeat Mr Skops in Mr Skops' Stalactites.
Climber - Unlock the Grappling Fist.
Collector - Collect 2000 Tings.
Crystal Palace - Complete Crystal Palace.
Dealer - Collect 500 Tings.
Diner is ready! - Complete eat at Joe's.
Easy - Complete the game in Easy difficulty.
Eraser Plains - Complete Eraser Plains.
Expert - Collect 1000 Tings.
False note - Defeat Mr. Sax in Mr. Sax's Hullaballoo.
Fighter - Beat 500 enemies.
Gong Heights - Complete Gong Heights.
Gravel - Defeat Mr. Stone in Mr. Stone's Peaks.
Great magician - Win 10 lifes thanks to the magician.
Green Thumb - Unlock Magic Seed.
Hard - Complete the game in Hardcore difficulty.
Hard hitter - Beat 100 enemies.
Hard Rocks - Complete Hard Rocks.
Hobbyist - Collect 50 Tings.
Laser roll - Defeat Space Mama in Space Mama's Crater.
Lightning fast - Pick up 10 Speed Fists.
Magician - Win 1 life thanks to the magician.
Major rescue - Complete Picture City with all the Electoons.
Minimal rescue - Complete the Dream Forest with all the Electoons.
Minor rescue - Complete Band Land with all the Electoons.
Original - Complete the game in Original difficulty.
Pencil Pentathlon - Complete Pencil Pentathlon.
Perfect rescue - Free all the Electoons.
Pink Plant Woods - Complete Pink Plant Woods.
Rapscallion - Outwit Bad Rayman in the Candy Chateau.
Royal rescue - Complete The Caves of Skops with all the Electoons.
Runner - Unlock Running.
Savior of the world - Defeat Mr. Dark in the Candy Chateau.
Shiny gift - Get Joe's firefly.
Skilled Acrobat - Unlock the Super Helicopter.
Small world - Become tiny!
Soft hitter - Beat 50 enemies.
Stings - Defeat Moskito in the Moskito's Nest.
Strong as a bull - Pick up 10 Golden Fists.
Super Rayman - Unlock all the powers.
Swamps of Forgetfulness - Complete Swamps of Forgetfulness.
Twilight Gulch - Complete Twilight Gulch.
Warrior - Beat 2,000 enemies.

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