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Check out these Going Nuts cheats and stay cool!
ALL THE THINGS!!! - Spend 100,000 nuts in the shop.
Allergic to Nuts - Fly 200m without collecting a single nut.
Gawker - Open and close the store 10 times.
I'm Buy'n - Spend 2,000 nuts in the shop.
Avian Flu - Hit 10 Owls.
Deez Nuts - Purchase a new outfit.
Explody Pants - Hit 100 dynamite balloons.
Face Palm - Hit 100 trees.
Shopping Spree - Purchase anything on the Gear page.
Too Nuts, Too Furious - Collect 1,000 hot pepper nuts.
Nut of Ultimate Value - Collect 10 Golden Nuts in a single round.
Nut-aholics Anonymous - Collect 1,000 bad nuts.
UAE Got Nothin' - Collect 1,000 total golden nuts.
Ultimate Glider - Fly 100,000m.
Winter Coat - Collect 1,000 frozen nuts.

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