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Check out these Glyder cheats and stay cool!
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement:

A little longer! - Hold terminal velocity for 30 seconds.
Booster - Collect a boost crystal, which gives you a speed boost.
Buzz the Village - Pass close to the tall tower in the village at high speed in Rift Valley.
Crazy Fast - Reach terminal velocity.
Entering Orbit - Hit 5km in altitude.
Gold Rush - Get all the gold crystals.
Handfull - Collect 25 crystals.
High Altitude - Hit 1km in altitude.
Hold on! - Hold terminal velocity for 10 seconds.
Long flight - Fly continuously without landing or crashing for 5 minutes.
Perfect Pink - Get all the pink crystals.
Pocketfull - Collect 50 crystals.
Sky High - Hit 3km in altitude.
Surface Skimmer - Keep the altitude warning on for 60 seconds in Rift Valley.
Take a Break! - Fly continuously without landing or crashing for 12 minutes.
Trans Atlantic - Fly continuously without landing or crashing for 8 minutes.
Volcano Crater - Fly into the crater of the volcano in Rift Valley.
Waterfall - Try to fly into the base of the waterfall in Rift Valley.

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