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Close But No Cigar (30) - Win Runner Up.
Design God (10) - Win the Best Design Award.
Fanboy Letter (10) - Get a letter from a male fan.
Hittin' the Big Time (20) - Move to an even bigger office.
Holy Grail (60) - Could the rumors be true? A toilet AND a game console?
Idiot Box (20) - Have a game introduced on TV.
Fangirl Letter (10) - Get a letter from a female fan.
Game Expert (30) - Train your employees to unlock every type of game.
Generate Some Buzz (10) - Generate some buzz by building up your fan base.
Genre King (30) - You unlocked every game genre! Wow...
Grand Prize Winner! (50) - Win the Grand Prize.
Hall of Famer (50) - Congrats on making it into the Hall of Fame! I'm all verklempt...
Hardcore Hardware (40) - Make your own game console.
Line Starts Here (10) - You had hundreds of fans lining up to buy your game on release day!
Mystery Staffer B (10) - A ferocious bear has been spotted around town...
Mystery Staffer C (20) - Find a genius who'll work for bananas.
Mystery Staffer K (100) - Find a mysterious super robot.
Mystery Staffer X (10) - Hire a mysterious masked staff member.
Movin' On Up (10) - Grow your company and move to a bigger office.
Music Man (10) - Win the Best Music Award.
Mystery Console (40) - A game console so awesome, it's like a spaceship or something.
Mystery Staffer A (10) - Hire a king with a penchant for gaming.
Sell 1 Million (20) - Make a hit game that sells 1 million units.
Sell 5 Million (20) - Make a hit game that sells 5 million units.
Sell 10 Million (30) - Make a hit game that sells 10 million units.
Sell 20 Million (30) - Make a hit game that sells 20 million units.
Sell 50 Million (40) - Make a hit game that sells 50 million units.
Sell 100 Million (50) - Make a hit game that sells 100 million units.
Sell 100K (10) - Make a hit game that sells 100K units.
Sell 500k (10) - Make a hit game that sells 500K units.
The Big Show (10) - Make a name for yourself at Gamedex.
Worst of the Worst (10) - Win the Worst Game Award.

Hire New Workers For Nothing
Use the "Word of Mouth" hiring. After all your spots are filled, get the best possible hiring you have. When going to hire someone and it tells you that you have to fire someone, fire whoever and pay nothing! No money will come out of your account; perfect for new games.

Preview Genre/Type Results Combination
Select a combination of Genre & Type and continue until you are prompted to pick an employee to make a scenario. Press [Back] on the bottom right. Now you can see the result of the combination of Genre and Type, without the need to create a game, allowing you to search for "Amazing!" combinations.

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