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Check out these Devil May Cry 4 Refrain cheats and stay cool!
All Bow Before You (50) - Defeat Dante's Doppelganger using Dante.
Anima Mercury (10) - Obtain Anima Mercury using Nero.
Anima Mercury - Dante (10) - Obtain Anima Mercury using Dante.
Covered in Blood (40) - Beat BLOODY PALACE using Nero.
Covered in Blood - Dante (40) - Beat BLOODY PALACE using Dante.
Done and Done (20) - Beat DEVIL HUNTER using Dante.
Easier Said Than Done (50) - Defeat Nero's Doppelganger using Nero.
Half Way There (20) - Beat DEVIL HUNTER using Nero.
Key of Chronos - Dante (20) - Obtain Key of Chronos using Dante.
Modus Vivendi (50) - Extend Nero's vitality bar to the maximum level.
Modus Vivendi - Dante (50) - Extend Dante's vitality bar to the maximum level.
Rusalka Corpse (15) - Obtain Rusalka Corpse using Nero.
Sephirothic Fruit (20) - Obtain Sephirothic Fruit using Nero.
Sephirothic Fruit - Dante (15) - Obtain Sephirothic Fruit using Dante.
Skill Collector (50) - Acquire all of Nero's skills.
Skill Collector - Dante (50) - Acquire all of Dante's skills.
Son of Sparda (20) - Unlock the ability to use Dante.
Wing Talisman (25) - Obtain Wing Talisman using Nero.
Wing Talisman - Dante (25) - Obtain Wing Talisman using Dante.
Yamato (30) - Obtain Yamato using Nero.
Yamato - Dante (30) - Obtain Yamato using Dante.

Unlock Bonuses
Beat the game once to unlock Mission Skip mode and Yamato.

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