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Check out these Anomaly cheats and stay cool!
Appetite For Destruction - Destroy more than 500 power cores.
Baby Steps - Successfully finish a mission.
Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks - Complete all training phases.
Down But Not Out - Finish a mission with less than 10% health.
Feel The Power - Collect more than 500 cargo pods.
Frequent Flyer - Complete one phase of Anomalies 1 thru 11.
Galactic Superhero - Complete all phases of Anomalies 1 thru 11.
Gotta Be Worth Something - Destroy 250 enemies using bombs.
I Love You Too - Play for more than 5 hours.
Leave No Stone Unturned - Play everything at least once.
Legendary - Kill 10,000 enemies.
Master Blaster - Score 10,000 points in Classic Arcade.
Rainy Day - Beat a phase in 8 Anomalies without bombs.
Super Friendly Fire - 500 enemies killed by friendly fire.

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