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Check out these Action Buggy cheats and stay cool!
25 Points - Get 25 points in one round.
50 Points - Get 50 points in one round.
50 UFOs - Destroy 50 UFOs.
100 Points - Get 100 points in one round.
10,000 Obstacles - Destroy 10,000 obstacles.
Endurance Master - Play 120 seconds without crashing.
Long Lasting - Play 60 seconds without crashing.
Boss Rush Mode - Unlock all playable characters.
Basara Difficulty Mode - Clear Story or Unification mode once on Ultimate Difficulty.
Hojo Ujimasa - Clear 5 Stories.
Kasuga - Clear either Sasuke's or Muneshige's Story.
Missile Masher - Destroy 10 missiles in one round.
Persistent - Play 30 seconds without crashing.
Rock Remover - Destroy 25 rocks in one round.
Speedy Bullets - Fire 150 bullets in the first 60 seconds.
Tree Trasher - Destroy 30 trees in one round.
Maeda Toshiie - Clear either Matsunaga's or Tenkai's Story.
Matsu - Clear either Yoshiaki's or Sorin's Story.
Tag Team Mode - Unlock all playable characters and have at least one bodyguard with max friendship level.
Takeda Shingen - Clear all 8 Stories.
Uesugi Kenshin - Clear either Kojuro's or Hideaki's Story.

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