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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Training ground9V6HK39W4HS
Night strikeXT6DBRV76GG
Puloso CityVNH3TL6HDB6
Snow fortressWSDWSCFYVNV
Return homeN4SC9WL4SPH

Super passwords
Enter one of the following passwords to start at the corresponding mission with ten lives and all co-pilots rescued.

Sub attackRXVWT74S6KB
Training ground9WT7NL6MHBV
Night strikeX7NL4SHPG94
Puloso CityVL4S6MGCZVH
Snow fortressWA6MHPZJFTZ
Return homeNCZJFD3BR67

Co-pilot passwords
Enter one of the following passwords to use any co-pilot in the corresponding level.

Washington D.C.B46HKRWT7SW
Sub attackR46HKRWT7SW
Training ground946HKRWT7SW
Night strikeX6PBV4HPGFR
Puloso CityV46HKRWT7SW
Snow fortressW46HKRWT7SW
River raidT6PBV4HPGFR
Return homeN46HKRWT7SW

Super password
This password will let you start one of three different levels with 23 lives and all copilots rescued except Faceman. To change levels, enter one of the passwords then press [Start]. Then, push [A] again and change the first letter of the password to "R" for Sub Attack or "9" for Training Grounds. Leave it alone for Washington D.C.

Alternately, enter "BXYTNMGCYDB" as a password.

Extra lives
Replace the last three characters of any valid password with "CBS" to add seven more lives to that game.

In Snow Fortress, when you go to destroy the electrical cables the tank on the lower left of the screen above the building has a free life inside it.

In River Raid, stay in the helicopter before you get the F117-A. Go to the very top right corner of the level. Destroy the Twinguns and blast open the little pyramids for about five extra lives.

Less lives
Replace the last three characters of any valid password with "CDS" to have only one life remaining in that game.
Fast Winch upgrade
There is a small gray and black object that resembles a spider on most levels. Do not destroy it. Picking this up lets you use the winch at twice the speed. It is located at the following areas:
Washington D.C.: None

Sub Attack: None

Training Ground: Look near the first fence row below the starting area.

Night Strike: In one of the larger huts to the northeast of the landing zone. Start at the landing zone and go northeast for about three seconds until you see a small clearing with about four teepee-like houses and three large huts. Blast the huts to find the winch.

Pulso City: As you approach the first mission, go past it. It is on of the houses to the upper right of the mission.

Snow Fortress: As you go to secure the landing zone, it is in the house directly to he left of the igloo.

River Raid: Because you are in the F117-A the entire time, you do not have one in this level.

Mountains: In one of the small pyramids on the left of the map toward the bottom.

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