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Nov. 29, 2006
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Control title screen
Press [A], [B], or [C] to make the beans jump on the title screen.

Final stage
Enter [Yellow], [Has Bean], [Blue], [Blue] (easy difficulty level) or [Purple], [Yellow], [Has Bean], [Clear] (normal difficulty level) as a password.

Slower CPU opponent
Select scenario mode and hold [Left] or [Right] on controller two.

Puzzle mode
<CENTER>2</CENTER>FranklyRed, Red, Red, Has Bean
<CENTER>3</CENTER>HumptyClear Bean, Purple, Clear Bean, Green
<CENTER>4</CENTER>CoconutsRed, Clear Bean, Has Bean, Yellow
<CENTER>5</CENTER>Davy SproketClear Bean, Blue, Blue, Purple
<CENTER>6</CENTER>SqweelClear Bean, Red, Clear Bean, Purple
<CENTER>7</CENTER>DynamightPurple, Yellow, Red, Blue
<CENTER>8</CENTER>GrounderYellow, Green, Has Bean, Blue
<CENTER>9</CENTER>SpikeYellow, Purple, Has Bean, Blue
<CENTER>10</CENTER>Sir Fuzzy LogikRed, Yellow, Clear Bean, Has Bean,
<CENTER>11</CENTER>Dragon BreathGreen, Purple, Blue, Clear Bean,
<CENTER>12</CENTER>ScratchRed, Has Bean, Has Bean, Yellow,
<CENTER>13</CENTER>Dr. RobotnikYellow, Has Bean, Blue, Blue
<CENTER>Normal difficulty</CENTER>
<CENTER>2</CENTER>FranklyHas Bean, Clear Bean, Yellow, Yellow
<CENTER>3</CENTER>HumptyBlue, Clear Bean, Red, Yellow
<CENTER>4</CENTER>CoconutsYellow, Blue, Clear Bean, Purple
<CENTER>5</CENTER>Davy SproketHas Bean, Green, Blue, Yellow
<CENTER>6</CENTER>SqweelGreen, Purple, Purple, Yellow
<CENTER>7</CENTER>DynamightPurple, Blue, Green, Has Bean
<CENTER>8</CENTER>GrounderGreen, Has Bean, Clear Bean, Yellow
<CENTER>9</CENTER>SpikeBlue Purple, Has Bean, Has Bean
<CENTER>10</CENTER>Sir Fuzzy LogikHas Bean, Red, Yellow, Clear Bean
<CENTER>11</CENTER>Dragon BreathClear Bean, Red, Red, Blue
<CENTER>12</CENTER>ScratchGreen, Green, Clear Bean, Yellow
<CENTER>13</CENTER>Dr. RobotnikPurple, Yellow, Has Bean, Clear Bean
<CENTER>Hard difficulty</CENTER>
<CENTER>2</CENTER>FranklyGreen, Clear Bean, Yellow, Yellow
<CENTER>3</CENTER>HumptyYellow, Clear Bean, Purple, Clear Bean
<CENTER>4</CENTER>CoconutsBlue, Green, Clear Bean, Blue
<CENTER>5</CENTER>Davy SproketRed, Purple, Green, Green
<CENTER>6</CENTER>SqweelYellow, Yellow, Clear Bean, Green
<CENTER>7</CENTER>DynamightPurple, Clear Bean, Blue, Blue
<CENTER>8</CENTER>GrounderClear Bean, Yellow, Has Bean, Yellow
<CENTER>9</CENTER>SpikePurple, Blue, Blue, Green
<CENTER>10</CENTER>Sir Fuzzy LogikClear Bean, Green, Red, Yellow
<CENTER>11</CENTER>Dragon BreathBlue, Yellow, Yellow, Has Bean
<CENTER>12</CENTER>ScratchGreen, Clear Bean, Clear Bean, Blue
<CENTER>13</CENTER>Dr. RobotnikHas Bean, Clear, Purple, Has Bean
<CENTER>Hardest difficulty</CENTER>
<CENTER>2</CENTER>FranklyBlue, Blue, Green, Yellow
<CENTER>3</CENTER>HumptyGreen, Yellow, Green, Clear Bean
<CENTER>4</CENTER>CoconutsPurple, Purple, Red, Has Bean
<CENTER>5</CENTER>Davy SproketGreen, Red, Purple, Blue
<CENTER>6</CENTER>SqweelBlue, Purple, Green, Yellow
<CENTER>7</CENTER>DynamightBlue, Purple, Green, Has Bean
<CENTER>8</CENTER>GrounderClear Bean, Purple, Has Bean, Yellow
<CENTER>9</CENTER>SpikePurple, Green, Has Bean, Clear Bean
<CENTER>10</CENTER>Sir Fuzzy LogikGreen, Blue, Yellow, Has Bean
<CENTER>11</CENTER>Dragon BreathGreen, Purple, Has Bean, Red
<CENTER>12</CENTER>ScratchRed, Green, Has Bean, Blue
<CENTER>13</CENTER>Dr. RobotnikRed, Red, Clear Bean, Yellow
Extra points
Go into exercise mode, wait until you get a Blue/Green bean, and try not to cover it. When you see a Has Bean come into the dungeon, put it on top of the Blue/Green bean. This will usually give you more points.

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