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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
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Continue game play
After losing a life, hold [A] and tap [Start] until restarting at the last game location played.

Options menu
Hold [B] and press [Start] at the title screen. An options menu will appear.

Level select
Enable the "Options menu" code. Select a level from the options menu and hold [A] + [Start] at the title screen to begin game play at that location.

Beast select
Hold [A] + [B] + [C] + [Down/Left] and press [Start] at the title screen. A menu that allows selection of the beast for each round will appear. Use the D-Pad to change beasts and [Start] to exit the menu.

Sound test
Hold [A] + [C] + [Up/Right] and press [Start] at the title screen.

Interactive credits
The credits will appear after Athena is rescued. Punch or kick the credits to force them to scroll downward.

Two-player mode
Press [Start] on controller two to begin game play.

Higher jumps
Hold [Up] while jumping.
Defeating the second Boss
When Nelf turns into the big eye, get close to the middle of the eye when he is still in smoke form. Then use the electricity attack and he will die instantly. Note: You may still get hit while attacking. This trick works best with a controller with a turbo feature.

Defeating the final Boss
When you get to the Boss, duck and shoot your fireball. This works quickly and is effective. This is easy, because he uses his arms more than his legs -- he will only kicks with about one in every ten punches. Note: You will still get hit -- jump back and forth if needed.

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