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Nov. 29, 2006
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Extra lives
Note: The following trick only works on The Lost Levels. Hold [A] and press [Start] at the game over screen. The game will start with ten lives.

Note: This trick only works on a new game. Select the "Toy Box" option at the main menu, then select "Fortune Teller". Keep looking at the cards until five lives are earned. Return to the main menu and choose to play the "Original" levels. Start a new game to begin with ten lives instead of five.

Begin game play in level 1-1. Locate the hidden extra life mushroom above the bush after the first pipe that you can enter. Save the game at this point. Load that file to find that you have one more life. Repeat until the desired amount of lives have been collected. Note: Depending on how many lives are desired, this procedure may require a large amount of time.

In level 1-1, around the starting part of the stage, go past the first four or five pipes that are lined up. Immediately after the mountain in the background, jump and an extra life and the block that it comes out of will appear.

Play level 5-1. Kill the first turtle that comes up to you and make it slide forward. Run with it, and it will kill everything in your path. This will give you an extra life.

Always restart with ten lives
Save and exit the game after only having one life left. Select the "Toy Box" option at the main menu, then select "Fortune Teller". Keep looking at the cards until five lives are earned. Return to the saved game. After losing a life, the game will start over with ten lives.

Unlimited lives
Immediately hold [A] when a life is lost, and keep the button held until the map appears.

Control view
Press [Select] during game play to switch the screen from being centered to an edge. Hold [Up] or [Down] to shift it up and down.

Unlimited continues
Hold [A] at the game over screen.

Play as Luigi
Press [Select] at the map screen.

Play as Luigi in You vs. Boo
Use Luigi in the Japanese Mario Game then select "End" Go to You VS. Boo and you can use Luigi.

You vs. Boo bonus levels
Score at least 100,000 points during game play. Then, select Boo as a character at the title screen.

Super Mario Bros. for Super Players levels
Score at least 300,000 points during the normal game to access these super players.

Restart a Boo in You vs. Boo levels
To restart a Boo for a level in You Vs. Boo, go to the main screen, highlight the level, and press [Start].

Select Mario's form
Press [Select] at the "You vs. Boo" mode level selection screen to cycle Mario into his super, fire, and normal forms. Note: This also may be done in versus mode with the link cable.

Lost Levels bonus levels
Score at least 300,000 points during game play. Then, select Luigi as a character at the title screen.

Level select
Successfully complete the first quest.
View fireworks
Successfully complete a level with a time that ends in a 1, 3, or 6. Jump on top on top of the flag with any ending time to get three fireworks.

Reveal Yoshi egg locations in challenge mode
Locate one Yoshi egg, then go to the toybox and select Yoshi's head.

Go to a green or white pipe at the beginning or middle of any level. Jump on top of it, then press [Down].

Warp zone
On any level with horizontal bars going from the top of the screen to the bottom and bars going the other way after them, ride the bars going up until you get to the top. Then, hop onto the bricks to the right and fall down. You will be in the warp zone. Go down any pipe to get to a different level. Each pipe is a different level.

Get 127 lives
Go to level 3-1 and locate the two Koopa Troopas at the end stairway. Jump on the second Troopa to trap it against the stairway. Repeatedly jump on it until 127 lives are collected.

Go to star level 7-1. At the end, before you jump on the flag, when the hard enemies with the shells are approaching jump on one of the steps ahead of them. Then, jump once in one of them. You will continue to jump. Do not stop, as this will discontinue you getting lives.

Start a new game and go to Fortune Telling for 5-up Card for a total of ten lives. Start on level 1-1 and play through to level 1-2 where the coins are located. Go through that, but before leaving that room, jump to the top to enter the warp. Warp to level 3-1 and play through to level 3-2. Start on level 3-2 by jumping on the first turtle. Run with it for points and a 1-up and do same with second turtle until you have reached the point where the star and turtle are between the wall. Get the star to kill the turtle and get all the coins up to that point. Repeat until you have the desired amount of lives.

Hidden mushroom
In level 8-2, there is a hidden mushroom in the jumper thing.

Advance to level 5-1
Go to level 4-2 get at the end of the level. Note: It helps if you are big. Jump on the pipe, but not when the plant is up. When you are on the pipe, jump and break the brick ceiling. Jump through the opening and walk to the right. If you are in challenge mode, you will enter another room. If you are in original 1985 mode, you will enter a room with a pipe. Jump on it and press [Down] to go to level 5-1.

Go to level 4-2. Proceed through the level and find the mushroom that makes you grow. Then, break the top block thing, which is like a ceiling, and run on top of there until you reach the end. You will now have access to level 5.

Level 8-2 gap
In original mode, after the second pipe there are two small ledges and one big gap. In order to cross the gap, stand on the pipe and press [B] while running forward. You will automatically step onto the second ledge. Without stopping, press [A] to jump the gap. This works with regular Mario, or Luigi or Super Mario and Luigi.

Easy points
Use the "Extra lives" trick to start with at least 10 lives. Play until reaching level 3-2. At the beginning, hit the turtle shell and follow it until it hits all the enemies. You should get at least 20,000 points and an extra life. Repeat this until reaching 300,000 points to race Boo or play the Lost Levels.

Go to world 5-1 and a Koopa will be the first thing you see. Kill it and kick it forward. Follow it until you hear an extra life sound. Do not jump. Doing this will not take away lives.

Alternate Boo colors
Beat the White Boo's record to make Boo turn green. Repeat this to make the green Boo turn pink.

Album pictures
Page 1.
Top Left: Fill up score meter in challenge.
Top Right: Get every medal in challenge.
Middle: Beat Original mode .
Bottom Left: Complete all the Star Levels in original mode.
Bottom Right: Complete Super Mario Bros. for Super Players

Page 2.
Top Left: Get the end of the level fireworks.
Top Middle: Get a 1-Up mushroom.
Top Right: Find and climb a Bonus Vine.
Middle Left: Complete Original mode.
Middle: Save Princess.
Middle Right: Use Link Cable to trade high scores.
Bottom Left: Get every Red Coin medal in Challenge.
Bottom Middle: Get every High score medal in Challenge.
Bottom Right: Get every Yoshi Egg in Challenge

Page 3.
Top Left: Defeat a Goomba.
Top Middle: Defeat a Bloober.
Top Right: Defeat a Lakitu.
Middle Left: Defeat a Cheep: Cheep.
Middle: Defeat a Hammer Brother.
Middle Right: Defeat a Bullet Bill.
Bottom Left: Defeat a koopa.
Bottom middle: Defeat a Spiny.
Bottom Right: Defeat a Buzzy Beetle

Page 4.
Top Left: Defeat World 1 Bowser with fireballs.
Top Right: Defeat World 2 Bowser with fireballs.
Bottom Left: Defeat World 3 Bowser with fireballs.
Bottom Right: Defeat World 4 Bowser with fireballs

Page 5.
Top Left: Defeat World 5 Bowser with fireballs.
Top Right: Defeat World 6 with fireballs.
Bottom Left: Defeat World 7 Bowser with fireballs.
Bottom Right: Defeat World 8 Bowser with fireballs.
Japanese version of "Super Mario Brothers 2""
"Accumulate 300,000 points in the Classic game without losing all lives, and without saving and restarting the game. A new "Super Mario Bros. For Super Players" game will be unlocked.

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