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Primary Collection of Cheats
Level passwords
Note "0" indicates the filled in black ovals.

1-2RHY O43
1-3HDY 04?
1-47DY 04Z
1-5KQM 04X
2-1765 04X
2-2?GP 04Z
2-3TDP 04X
2-4KNY S4V
2-5TQC S34
3-11DF S35
3-29DF S33
3-3?Q5 S34
4-1T45 S34
4-2?XP 83Z
4-3RD5 S3?
4-4F4Y 034
4-534Y 032
5-1WZY 034
5-23GY 030
5-3WNP 03Z
5-4563 03T
5-5FZM J24
6-15GM 03T
6-2W6W S3V
6-3P6C S26
7-1PGC S22
7-2FQM S24
7-3M4P S27
7-4WD5 S20
7-53DP S22
7-6H0F 02?
8-170Y 022
8-2?8Y 020
8-37SY 020
8-4HJP 02Y
8-570P 02Z
8-618P 02Y
9-1PSP J15
9-2H0F S17
9-372Y 814
9-4KSF S16
9-5RSF S15
9-6K0P S25
10-1RJ5 S11
10-21B3 S1?
10-3TB3 S1Z
10-4YLW 011
10-5PLW 010
10-6FBC 01V
10-73BC 01S
10-8W2M 01Z
11-1P0M 01X
11-2W53 006
11-3MSM 01T
11-4F0C S04
11-5MJC S04
11-6WSW 80Z
11-738F S02
11-8F2M 80Z
12-1PL3 S00
12-2CSP S05
12-35V3 S0?
12-4KQR 000
12-5R6R J0T
12-61DT 001
12-7TD9 00X
12-8H4K J?7
13-1R4K J?7

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