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Unlock Costumes
Make All Bosses Be In Comic Costumes - Go Too Costumes And Select The Open Spot Under The Movie Boss Selection.
Classic Blue And Yellow Wolverine Costume - Collect All Comics From Series 1.
Weapon X Wolverine Costume - Complete Level 1.
X-men Movie Trilogy Costume - Defeat Victor Creed The Prologue Of Level 1.

Unlock Feral Mode
Beat the game once.

Unlock Trophies
Air Shockwave - Stay In The Air For 3 Seconds.
Angel - Perfect Block 50 Times.
Brutal Combo (Lion Head) - Achieve A 40 Hit Combo Chain.
Furious Combo (Wolf Head) - Achieve A 60 Hit Combo Chain.
Feral Combo (A Wolf Paw) - Achieve A 20 Hit Combo Chain.
Gold Cup - Juggle Your Enemies 20 Times.
Hawkeye's Mask - Break 100 Objects.
Rabid Combo (Fist) - Achieve A 10 Hit Combo Chain.
Rabid Animal (Triangle Of Stars) - Go Into Berserker Rage 14 Times.
S #1 - Recieve An S Rank On Level 1.
S #2 - Recieve An S Rank On Level 2.
S #3 - Recieve An S Rank On Level 3.
S #4 - Recieve An S Rank On Level 4.
S #5 - Recieve An S Rank On Level 5.
Wishful Thinking (Blue Ribbon) - Defeat Victor Creed In The Prologue.
Wolverine's Claw - Finish 10 Enemy Waves Using Heavy (X) Attack.
Trophy Hunter (Big Star) - Collect 100 Dogtags.
Untouchable (Scout Symbol) - Take No Damage In A Level.
Vicious Combo (Demon Head) - Achieve A 70 Hit Combo Chain.
You Win Bub (Shield) - Beat The Game.

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