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Birthday Greeting
Enter a chat room on the date that you entered as your birthday in the system settings. The message "Happy Birthday! Today is <your name's> birthday!" will appear.

Christmas Greeting
Enter a chat room on December 25th.

New Year's Greeting
Enter a chat room on January 1st.
Slide show
Do a series of pictures. Scroll to the top with the [R] button. Continue holding on to the [R] button and push and hold the [L] button. You get a slide show.

Checking the Firmware Version
There are currently six versions of DS firmware. To find out which one you have, have a game in your DS and enter Pictochat Room A. Remove your DS game, and the screen will briefly turn into a specific color. The color corresponds to the version of DS firmware you have on your DS.

Version 1 - DS will freeze (no color.)
Version 2 - Blue-Gray.
Version 3 - Green.
Version 4 - Yellow.
Version 5 - Pink.
Version 6 - Dark Blue.

Different Drawin Style
Consider coloring in your entire screen so that it's black. Then, use your eraser tool to draw on the black, effectively reversing your color options.

Rainbow Drawing
When on a DSi, tap the "Pen" icon until it begins flashing different colors. You can begin drawing with the flashing pen to get a rainbow effect.

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