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Aug. 19, 2010
Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode (US Version)
7839-3594 - Blade Cannon.
7162-5792 - Game Master.
5531-0215 - INGame: Greg & Kiri.
5139-6877 - Caduceus.
9185-6189 - CONSOLES+.
4294-2273 - Selvaria's Shield.
5703-8252 - Selvaria's Spear.
4775-7197 - Lassie Soul.
3171-0109 - Nintendo Power.
3470-1424 - Puyo Soul.
9475-6843 - Taupy Soul.
Unlock Difficulties (US Version)
Hard Mode (Multi-Player) - Reach Level 30.
Hard Mode (Single Player) - Clear Story Mode on Normal.
Super Mode (Multi-Player) - Reach Level 60.

When fightning Mother Trinity cast a Photon Blast while she is dying. You will be invincible for the Dark Falz fight that follows. This glitch works on all difficulties.

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