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Madame Fate's Predictions
After Completing the investigation on suspects 7, 8, and 9 (Ron N. Hyde, Justine Time, and Manni Cotti, respectively), you'll receive a note with a riddle on it, followed immediately by a selection of six rooms. If you return to the Study, the Crime Computer will detect something else in the room. Move the screen to the filing cabinets to the right of the fireplace to find a blue area. Select it to find a crystal ball in the filing cabinet, and the fortune teller, Madame Fate. Every tap on the Crystal Ball will make her laugh and give a random message from her.

Unlock Bonuses
Complete Story mode on Detective difficulty to unlock Gumshoe difficulty and Treasure Hunt minigame.

Minigame Mode
At the start of chapter 6 (the Heir hunt), you'll be tasked with completing a simple DNA minigame. Once you've completed it and made it back to Phil's dossier, close your DS. That's right, close the thing (as if you're going to put it into standby mode) When you open it next, you'll be staring at the back cover of the dossier. Here, you can play either the DNA minigame or Tic-tac-toe, or go visit Madam Fate (if you found her at the end of chapter 4) To go back, just tap the left-pointing arrow at the bottom left, which will bring you back to the dossier proper. You can go back to this area whenever you want (provided you're on either chapter 6 or 7) if you're not already investigating a suspect.

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