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Starter and Stone Circles
Lambeosaururs - Father quest.
Stone circle - Beat the game.
Awakened starter - Beat Seph First time lose to him second time.
West dust hills - Beat the game.

Stone Circle Passwords
Once you unlock the stone circle at South Euro you can enter these codes to unlock dinosaurs, after you enter the code go to the temple to get your dinosaur card. Each of the dinosaurs are at level 1:

Euoplocephalus - earth-earth-grass-water-wind-earthwind-fire.
Tank - earth-grass-earth-water-wind-water-grass-fire.
Carnotaurus - earth-wind-water-lightning-fire-wind-wind-water.
Terry - fire-lightning-wind-wind-water-fire-fire-earth.
Siamotyrannus - fire-wind-fire-water-wind-grass-fire-water.
Daspletosaurus - grass-water-lightning-lightning-earth-earth-water-wind.
Paris - grass-water-water-earth-wind-grass-lightning-lightning.
Monoclonius - lightning-earth-water-water-grass-fire-earth-wind.
Triceratops - lightning-fire-lightning-fire-water-lightning-grass-earth.
Ace/Chomp* - lightning-grass-fire-earth-water-water-lightning-fire.
Mini-King - lightning-wind-earth-lightning-grass-wind-fire-water.
Spiny - water-earth-fire-water-fire-grass-wind-earth.
Joboria - water-lightning-lightning-earth-fire-earth-fire-wind.
Altirhinus - wind-fire-fire-fire-lightning-earth-water-grass.

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