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Fight True Final Boss (Best Ending)
Beat Firmament (final level) for the second time with the handmade necklace equipped. Broken Necklace - Beat Firmament with Handmade Necklace.
Handmade Necklace - Collect all 7 jewels hidden in various stages and talk to Joule.

Lumen Audiolocket 1-7
Upon cashing in 3,000+ or more Kudos via a checkpoint or offensive skill, a special pendant will become available to be synthed. When equipped, it will cause a specific Anthem to be played instead of the usual randomized track (This effect only works the first time the player reaches 1,000 kudos.) A brief listing of where each song can be earned:

Audiolocket 1: Beyond the Blue - 1st Sumeragi.
Audiolocket 2: Nebulous Clock - Subaquatic Base.
Audiolocket 3: Azure Door - Media Tower.
Audiolocket 4: Pain from the Past - Biochem Plant.
Audiolocket 5: Scorching Journey - Datastore.
Audiolocket 6: Rouge Shimmer - Stratacombs.
Audiolocket 7: A Zip to the Moon - Pharma Lab.

Special Missions
After beating the true final boss, you'll unlock a series of four gauntlet-style special missions. They feature many more enemies than those found it the regular stages, combined layouts of certain stages, and lack checkpoints.

Special Mission 1 - Beat the true final boss.
Special Mission 2 - Beat the true final boss.
Special Mission 3 - Beat the true final boss.
Special Mission 4 - Beat the true final boss.

The Dullahan
After beating all four special missions, you'll unlock the Dullahan, the final weapon in the game. It fires much stronger bullets than the other guns, but is incapable of tagging enemies for electrical attacks.

Shovel Knight Battle
In the amiibo option in menus, you can use the Shovel Knight amiibo. This sends you into a screen where you pick Gunvolt or Copen and then face Shovel Knight with the chosen character at level 1. Winning as Gunvolt unlocks the Shovel Ring in the synth menu. You only need 10,000 Yig to make it and equipping it lets you perform one air hop and one air dash at no EP cost. Beating Shovel Knight with Copen adds the Code of Shovelry to your synth list. It also costs 10,000 Yig to make. It has a size of 5. When reloading in the air, you'll bounce off the ground high into the air and recover all spent Bullits as usual. It's extremely helpful for staying in the air and you'll be able to reload with no downtime.

Old Save Bonus
If you have save data from the original Azure Striker Gunvolt, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 will read it upon start up and add two items to the Synth menu.

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