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Nov. 29, 2006
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Fred Durst
Win all the championship belts.

Shane McMahon
Win the Hardcore title.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
Win the Woman's title.

Vince McMahon
Win the WWF Heavyweight title.

Bubba Ray Dudley's glasses
Attack Bubba Ray Dudley during his entrance.

Christian's glasses
Fight Christian during his entrance. Keep hitting him until his glasses fall off.

Crash Holly's hat
Fight Crash Holly during his entrance.

D-Von Dudley's glasses
Attack D-Von Dudley during his entrance.

Edge's glasses
Attack Edge during his entrance.

Fred Durst's hat
Fight Fred Durst in one on one hardcore match and knock it off.

Play as Fred Durst and let another wrestler knock your hat off. Pick it up and you will have the item.

K-Kwik's mic
Attack K-Kwik during his entrance.

Kurt Angle's real gold medals
Fight Kurt Angle during his entrance and steal his medals after they fall off his head. Hit him with them sixty four times, and the real medals will appear. They are gold and have a green band.

Perry Saturn's Moppy
Attack Perry Saturn during his entrance.

Alternately, fight Perry Saturn in a one on one hardcore match.

Spike Dudley's glasses
Choose a one-on-one match a fight Spike Dudley during his entrance.

Tazz's glasses
Fight Spike Dudley during his entrance until his glasses fall off.

Triple H's water bottle
Fight Triple H during his entrance.

Undertaker's bandanna
Fight Undertaker during his entrance.

X-Pac's bandanna
Fight X-Pac during his entrance until he drops it.
Tag team entrances
Justin Credible/Albert/X-Pac will appear as X-Factor.
Jeff/Matt Hardy/Lita will appear as Hardy Boyz.
Hardcore/Crash/Molly Holly will appear as the Hollys.
Bubba Ray/D-Von will appear as the Dudley Boyz. This does not work with Spike.
HHH/Stephanie McMahon will appear together as HHH accompanied by Stephanie McMahon.
Taka/Funaki will appear as Kaienti.
Bradshaw/Farooq will appear as APA.
Edge/Christian will appear as E&C
View Titantron entrances
To see a wrestler's Titantron entrance, press [X] while they are coming down the aisle and their music video will appear on the screen.

All Titantron videos can also be watched from the museum's wrestler bios. Just select the wrestler and press [Start].

Easy items
Go to your match options and set ring out time to none. Have a second controller plugged in and start a versus match. You can basically free roam, smash the boxes and easily collect items.

More Create A Superstar items
When you collect an item during a match from the WWF Boxes in the arena, save the game after the match. Go to "Create A Superstar". To equip your character with the item(s) that were collected go to "Extra Appearance." You should be able to select the item that you collected to the body part that it would go on (for example Hat on Head). You can take weapons to the ring by making them your "Favorite Item". You can only choose one "Favorite Item". Do not use the item in a match with DQs (disqualifications).

Use items as weapons
When you hit your opponent and whatever they are wearing falls off, press [B] to pick it up as a weapon. Press [B] again to wear it. Your character will wear the item until it gets knocked off again.

Break objects for weapons
Throw your opponent into the table or stairs until they breaks and you will have a new weapon.

Besides Irish Whipping your opponent into stairs and tables to break them, you can also Suplex an opponent into them. This also works with DDT's, back drops, and most of the other moves where you toss, drop, or slam your opponent down. You can also drop them from the ring onto the table from the ring apron. This works with apron moves such as the Jackhammer, or if you are inside and your opponent is on the apron, you can perform a Stun Gun (this only works if the table is outside the ring). If the table is inside the ring, then most of the apron moves where you drop your opponent into the ring will work, such as the Suplex or the Brainbuster. Most turnbuckle moves can also be used to put an opponent through a table, like the Dudley Dog, Superplex, or "drop-down" moves. Some "counter running opponent" moves work also, such as the PowerSlam, SpineBuster, and the Back Body Drop. Most Finisher/Special moves work, such as the Rock Bottom, and the German Supplex. Note: This will usually work if you are close enough to the table when they fall or drop. They must fall in the direction of the table. To set up a table, press [B] to pick it up when near. Press [B] again to stand it up. Most moves work for this purpose. Experiment with different moves. It is not possible to throw your opponent off the entrance ramp onto a table.

Try the same with chairs, Many colored chairs either break in two or bend for additional items.

A few objects can be broken if used repeatedly. After they break, they will turn into a new object that can be used as a weapon. However, you must pick the object up again after it breaks. The "official" object names from the game are given. The following items can be broken to unlock new objects:
Wooden Stick 1 (2x4): Wooden Stick 2
Steel Chairs 1 to 6: Broken Chair 1 to 6/Chair Seat 1 to 3 (three specifically colored chairs have breakable seats)
Brush: Broom
Trashcan 1: Trashcan 2 (dented trash can)
Trashcan Lid: Trash Can Lid (dented lid)
The following items can be obtained by utilizing the table/stair breaking techniques on this page:
Announcer Table: Broken Announcer Table 1, 2 (3, 4 and 5 are unlocked by default)
Table 1: Broken Table 1
Table 2: Broken Table 2
Ring Stair 3: Ring Stair 1, 2
Note: Ring Stair 3 is the normal stacked set by the ring post; it cannot be picked up. Ring Stair 1 and 2 can be used after the Ring Stair 3 set is broken (by using above methods). Announcer Tables 3 to 5 cannot be picked up; 4 and 5 are the two large pieces, 3 is the whole table. After Tables 1 and 2 are broken they each make two halves, but are two of the same object.

Extra damage
The following objects cause a little bit of extra damage when moves are performed on them. This does not concern the general damage that is done when an opponent is hit by the object. The "official" object names from the game are given:
Table 1 and Table 2 (both set up and on the ground)
Announcer Table 1 to 5 (3 is the complete table, 4 and 5 are the two larger pieces)
Chairs 1 to 6/Chair Seats 1 to 3
Ring Stair 3 (the full set on the ring post)
Trashcan Lid 1
Ladder (on the ground)
Note: Some other items may cause extra damage also. It is always best to attempt moves on all objects. The objects that can be worn do not cause extra damage. Unfortunately, the Trashcan does not dent or cause extra damage when moves are done on them.

Avoid getting DQed (disqualified)
You can get away with using weapons in a match with DQ on, only if you use weapons outside of the ring. Be very careful not to hit your opponent(s) with an object while they are climbing into the ring. That will cause a disqualification. Not all weapons cause a DQ when used in the ring. So if a weapon is used in the ring, make sure it is not a "disqualifier". Most softer objects such as the Santa Hat or Swan Belt will not be disqualifiers. Most harder items such as title belts and all helmets (viking, baseball, etc.) will cause disqualifications .

Winning the WWF championships easily
Choose the title and the wrestler to be used. When the matches begin, leave the ring quickly and your opponent will follow you. When he gets out, you can do moves on him but he does return to the ring from time to time. If this happens, wait and he will go back out. Keep doing moves until he is damaged, then go back into the ring and do another big move on him and pin him. You cannot be DQed or pinned outside the ring. Note: This does not work for the hardcore belt (you can be pinned outside the ring). In that type of match, use a lot of moves and weapons

Another method is to go outside the ring and get a weapon (chair recommended). Attack your opponent when he is outside the ring. Keep attacking until he can be pinned, then go into the ring. Do a move and pin him. Note: If using a weapon, only use it on the ramp way. If you are attacking him with the weapon and he suddenly gets in the ring you may accidentally get DQed.

Start the match inside the ring, then get out towards the announcers' table. Get a chair and hit your opponent with it once or twice. Then, set it down and wait for him or her to pick it up. Jump in the ring. If timed correctly, they will hit you when you are in the ring and get disqualified. Note: This will not work with hardcore.

Hold a pin easier
While you are pinning your opponent, rapidly press [A], [B] (not simultaneously).

Powerbomb through table
You must set up a table in the ring near the ropes. With your opponent near the ropes, go to him or her and Powerbomb them.

Suplex through two tables
To do a Suplex through two tables at once, set up two tables, one right next to the other. Do the Stalling Suplex to your opponent standing right next to the tables. If you are close enough, he will fall through both of the tables and it will show a replay.

Burning taunt
When creating an entrance for your character, set pyro to Kane and entrance moves to The Rock. When your superstar appears, he or she will go to the turnbuckle, but during the second time your created wrestler taunts on the turnbuckle, Kane's fire will shoot out of the turnbuckle and burn your superstar while they are doing the taunt.

Wazz-up Head Butt
Select tag team or 1-on-2, and choose D-Von and Bubba as a team. Make sure Bubba's meter is flashing, then go at the legs of your opponent and press [A] + [B]. He should hold the opponents leg. Then, take D-Von and press [B]. He should do his taunt. When his taunt is done, press [X] and he should do the Head Butt. Make sure your opponent is knocked out well because he could escape Bubba's grip.

The Rock: Sharpshooter
Get a special, then make sure you are facing up. Go to his feet and press [A] + [B].

The Rock: People's Elbow
When you have a special, throw your opponent to the ropes. When he returns, press [Up] + [A] to body slam him. This will automatically make you go to his head. Then, press [A] + [B] to start the People's Elbow. When you return from the ropes near the body, press [X] to drop the elbow.

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