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Nov. 29, 2006
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Two punch knockdown
Hold [Start] and press [Up]x4 at the copyright screen. The sound of a crash and a red flash on the screen will confirm correct code entry. An opponent may now be defeated after two punches.

Three punch knockdown
Hold [A] + [B] + [C] + [Start] and sweep the D-Pad in a clockwise full circle at the copyright screen. The screen should flash red to confirm correct code entry.

Same character match
Select a character using controller one. Hold [Start] and press [Up] + [A] + [C] on that character's selection screen.

Second wrestler assistance
Press [A] + [B] + [C] on controller two during a one-on-one match in one fall, brawl, or tournament modes. A wrestler will appear and help your opponent.

Control partner
Start a one player game and select a tag team match, bedlam or survivor series. Begin game play and press [A] + [B] + [C] to control your partner.

Create a brawl
Begin a one-on-one match in any mode except for tournament. Knock the referee out several times until he leaves the ring.

Edit wrestler
Enter one of the following controller actions at the view statistics screen. Note: Kwang is not a playable character.

KwangPress [Down] + [A] + [C].
Bret HartPress [Down/Left] + [Start].
YokozunaPress [Up] + [A] + [C].
Luna VachonPress [Up/Right] + [C].
UndertakerPress [Right] + ]Start] + [A].
Razor RamonPress [Left] + [A] + [C].
Lex LugerPress [Down/Right] + [Start].
DoinkPress [Left] + Start + [A] + [C].
Shawn MichaelsPress [Down/Left] + [A] + [C].
DieselPress [Down] + [Start] + [A] + [C].

Full attributes
Enable the "Edit wrestler" code for the character of your choice. Hold [Start] at the prompt to change attributes. A sound will confirm correct code entry. All attributes may now be set to 10.

Wrestle as Warlord
Successfully complete the game in one on one mode. Then, press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [A]x2, [C], [A]x2, [B]x2 at the credits. Select Diesel, then play the game in one on one mode again. Wrestle Shawn Michaels and defeat him with a Power Bomb move. The next match will be as the Warlord.
1-2-3- Kid: Moonsault
Get your opponent dazed, then go to an upper turnbuckle. Press [X] or [A] + [B] to do the Moonasault, which is actually a top-rope cross-body.

Bret and Owen Hart: Win by submission
In any kind of "one fall" match as Bret Hart or Owen Hart, you can win by submission with the Sharpshooter ([A] + [B] or [X] at down opponent's feet) if your opponent has absolutely no energy when the move is first applied. The referee will wave his arms in the air and a bell will ring twice. When he releases the Sharpshooter, the bell will ring three times. Bret or Owen will be declared the winner.

Owen Hart: Super move
Hold [A] + [B], and press [Up], [Right], [Down]. Release [B] while continuing to hold [A] to do a Whirling Dervish.

Yokozuna: Super move
Note: A six-button controller is required. When your opponent is down near the turnbuckles, climb the ropes and hold [X]. Then press [Down]x3, release [X], and press [B].

Finishing moves
The following moves are finishers. You must press [A] + [B] or [X] to execute them. Note: Opponents will use the ropes on tie-up finishers to stop them if necessary.
Bam Bam Bigelow: Flying Headbutt. Top rope, opponent down in range of Bigelow.

Razor Ramon: Razor's Edge (Powerbomb). Win tie-up.

Lex Luger: Running Forearm. Win tie-up with opponents back at or near the ropes. Be careful not to go too close to the turnbuckles.

1-2-3 Kid. ? Moonsault. The Turnbuckle-To-Turnbuckle jump is on the top rope, holding [A] + [B] or [X] and pressing hitting [Up]x3 and releasing [A] or [B]; it is better with [X].

Doink: Whoopie Cushion. Top rope, opponent down in range of Doink.

Diesel: Jackknife. Win tie-up.

Shawn Michaels: Slingshot Suplex. Opponent stunned, Michaels behind him/her

Owen and Bret Hart: Sharpshooter. Opponent down, Hart at his feet.

Yokozuna: Banzai Drop. Opponent down, head near upper turnbuckle.

Undertaker: Tombstone. Win tie-up.

Luna Vachon: Luna Eclipse. Opponent down, head near upper turnbuckle (see Yokozuna).
Glitch: New WWF logo
At the screen with Vince McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler and pictures of wrestlers you are about to have in your match, look at the monitor on the far right side of the screen. It should look like it has the new WWF logo on the side.

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