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Nov. 29, 2006
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Master code
Enter "FMNFB" as a code at the cheat menu.

Enter "EMERPUS" as a code at the cheat menu.

Unlimited ammunition
Enter "MADMAN" as a code at the cheat menu.

Enter "SLLEWGH" as a code at the cheat menu.

Zoo mode
Enter "ZOO" as a code at the cheat menu. You will be able to kill any animal in the game with the war club as a weapon.

Play as Raptor
Enter "RAPTOR" as a code at the cheat menu. You will now be able to play as a raptor in multi-player deathmatch mode.

Demo mode and target mini-game
Enter "HUNTER" as a code at the cheat menu. Besides starting demo mode, you will also be able to play the Target mini-game at the main title screen. Use the D-Pad to move the pointer and [Fire] to shoot.
Pacing lizard at title screen
Go to the "Cheats" menu and watch the "Art Gallery" presentation. After "The Turok Team" picture, it ends and begins to cycle again. Return to the first main menu and wait for about five minutes. From the left, a small green lizard will walk along the bottom of your screen, with a picket sign that reads "Lost Land or Bust!!!". When he reaches the right side of the screen, he will turn around and walk the other way, revealing the other side of the sign which reads "Start the Game!". He will look over at you a couple of times, but mainly stares at the ground.

Nuke in single player mode
In Chapter 8, "Arena", defeat the Steracosaur Boss. After doing this, the force field around the middle pillar will drop. Climb to the top of the pillar to get both the Nuke Attachment (for the Rocket Launcher) and a Nuke. You will now be able to fire the Nuke only twice (the Nuke Attachment has a Nuke already in it). There are no more Nukes past Chapter 8. Also , the "All weapons" and "Unlimited ammunition" cheats do not work for the Nuke.

Play in the Regeneres Arena level in multi-player mode. Go to the big door with the Jump Boots in it. Get the Jump Boots. Back up slightly and jump up on to either of the little ledges on the sides of the door. Then, jump up to the gap in the wall higher up. Next, go all the way to the right. You will see a little button-like object with a picture of a person cut in half and a raptor next to him. Either shoot or hit it with your War Club. When you do this, stay up on the gap. Look below to see that the big door and the other three doors will open. Raptors will appear from them, and you cannot kill them. However, they will go after the other players. To make them go away, wait until they go back in the doors. This is useful, as the raptors kill the other players and they lose kills as if they killed themselves.

Third person view in multi-player Defeating Bruckner
To kill Bruckner, the last Boss in the game, run a safe distance from him. Line him up with a tree so that it is in front and Brucker behind. When Bruckner gets close to the tree, shoot it onto him. Note: The tree takes more hits than usual to take down. It should kill Bruckner in one hit. This also has the same affect on other enemies.

Kill enemies with one hit from battle Chapter 1: Frogs and lizards
There are frogs and lizards on the ground in certain areas, usually near the water. Approach one and hit it with the war club. It will burst into large chunks of meat.

Chapter 2: Surprised guide
During the second scene of the chapter is a Brachiosaur that is relieving itself. There is also a Brachiosaur immediately before this one. You will see it behind the second ancient structure as you exit the cave. Fly under the Brachiosaur's legs and you will surprise your female guide.

Chapter 5: Rescue The Wise Father level
You can wipe out all The slegs and the Jailer without leaving the room that leads you into the circular prison room. Best of all, you can have the really big Slegs do some of the dirty work for you. First, get as heavily armed as possibly by breaking all the crates and gathering anything you can use before hitting the switch to open the door. Weapons of choice here are both the explosive arrows and rocket launcher and grenades. Use them in that order if possible. You will need the grenades later in a key point. With luck, you started this level healthy and did not need to get the large med-kit at the start. Being able to return and use it is a big bonus. Begin your assault without entering the big prison area. After you strike your first blow, fall back into the room and wait for them to come to you. Hold them back by taking them out in the hallway. You need to survive up to the fifth wave. Next, head back into the tunnels. As you arrive at the first room with the grated floor above, you will probably see two big Slegs. Leave them and wait for the gigantic Sleg to appear. Once he appears, he will proceed to squash the other Slegs. Wait for the other Slegs to arrive. After the other Slegs arrive, they will all just stand there (including the gigantic Sleg). As you move, the giant Sleg will follow. Guide him to the other Slegs and they too will be squashed. Continue this until the giant Sleg refuses to play anymore. Them take out your spiked grenades. Stick them under the feet of any that remain, then back off and watch them go down. When you get to the Jailer, it will require about five grenades to kill. Return to the beginning to replenish on grenades and health if needed. Once the Jailer is gone, you have the entire prison area's stash of weapons at your disposal.

Save ammunition
When you see a raptor or an alligator, you can save ammunition by using the war club. Hold [Shoot] and your character will hold the club back. When you release it, he will use the spiked side of the club, which can kill alligators and raptors in one hit.

Better aim with weapons without scopes
Equip a weapon with a scope (Tek Bow recommended). Aim at whatever you are trying to shoot with the scope. Then, switch to a more powerful weapon without a scope and fire. The crosshairs will not move and you will hit the target.

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