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Carrion Carcass
Get a bronze or better on the Rare -Or Well Done challenge on Behead The Undead.

Corporal Hart
Successfully complete story mode under the normal or hard difficulty setting.

Elite Henchwomen
Complete the story mission Kharlos Express.

Gilbert Gastic
Get a "Bronze" or better rank in the Challenge "The Cats Pajamas".

Henchman Cortez and Swinging Tipper
Complete The Russian Connection.

Silver Prometheus
Complete the Elite League with "Gold" ranks.

Tin-Legs Tommy
Successfully complete co-op story mode.

Human sounds
Complete the Cats Out Of The Bag challenge with bronze, silver, or gold.

Entering And Hacking
The tank robots can do a lot of damage if they fire at you. Throw a Time Disrupter grenade and then fill them with lead using the SBP500 and they will die quickly.

Mansion Of Madness: Make zombies get up
To make a zombie that is on the ground get up so you can kill it (so it cannot sneak up on you later) put it on fire. It will scream and get up. You can then kill it.

Mansion of Madness: Avoiding zombies
When playing this level, you will encounter some zombies. To avoid them, duck. They will keep trying to attack, but you will not get hit. Note: This does not work with zombies with weapons.

Mansion of Madness: Defeating Princess
Stay in the corners of the courtyard and Princess cannot grab you. When she looks up and smoke starts to come out of her mouth, run in circles around the hole to dodge the fire. When she is done, go back in the corner. Note: Always shoot her in the head.

To defeat The Princess, side-step in one direction while aiming up and turning. The closer that Cortez is to the fountain, the greater the chance to avoid being swiped. When the Boss is about to die, step back and fire the last shots to avoid the final death blow.

When it pops up, start shooting it in the head a few of times. Then, look at the base and an a eye will open. Shoot at it and its health will go down a lot.

Mansion Of Madness: Health pack locations
There are a total of ten health packs in the "Mansion of Madness" story level. Seven of the health packs are hidden. All of the health packs in this level restore your entire health meter.

At the first checkpoint where you get the bat after you burn the little black ghosts, there is an armoire to your left and a low dresser to your right. Press [Action] next to them to open them. There will be a health pack in them.

In the room were you first see the little girl's ghost and she turns half the room on fire, turn left. There will be a low dresser a few feet away the fireplace. Open it to find a health pack inside. Unless you are low on health, do not use this until after you save the scientist from the giant worms.

In the big room with the giant table after you get the shotgun, turn left. There will be two low dressers against the wall with the door you used to get through. Go to the one farthest from the door you came through and open it. There is a health pack inside. Unless you are low on health, save this for while or after you fight the Deerhaunter.

After you defeat the Deerhaunter, go up the stairs and into the door to your right. This takes you to a hallway. Go to the second room on the right where a scientist says, "It's not real... It's a bad dream... It's not real... It's not real... Oh please make it go away..." On your right is a low dresser, and in the far left corner there is an armoire. Open them to find a health pack in each.

After you fight the zombies in the library and go through the room with the scientist sitting behind the couch saying rhymes, there is a long hall that turns. After the turn, go to the last room on the right where the zombie breaks out of the armoire. In the far left corner of the room is a low dresser next to the bed. Open it to find a health pack inside.

After you see the little girl's ghost in the attic and the zombie breaks though the wall, there is a little room and a hall. Go down the hall and jump into the lower part of the attic. There is a scientist that is dying near the stairs. To his right is a health pack.

After you fall through the floor and walk down the stairs, a scientist will talk to you about his "great leader". If you continue to the left and open a white door, there is an open closet to the right with a revolver, a shotgun, and a health pack.

In the kitchen where you fight the Carrion Carcasses after you fight Princess (the creature), there is a table to the left. There is a health pack sitting on top of it.
Train: Slot machine
When walking into the room where Cortez or Tipper says "Did I miss the party?", there is a slot machine. Walk over to it and press [A] to play slots. Press the buttons under "Hold" to hold that slot.

Scotland The Brave: Get a flare gun
When you first start the Scotland The Brave story mission, turn left and run over to the boat. There will be a flare gun inside.

Scotland The Brave: Armor and other items
At the beginning of the level in story mode, there are some destroyed buildings as you run towards the castle. Go inside them. You will find things like armor and grenades.

Scotland The Brave: Extra TNT
In story mode, get to the door you must destroy with TNT. Wait for a short time after you have used your TNT. More will appear and you can save it for when you battle the tank.

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