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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat mode
Play through the game in bounty hunter mode to unlock various cheats, including "Invincibility", "Infinite Deadeye", "Golden Gun" (powerful guns), "Bite the Bullet" (one hit kills), "Sad Stars" (blood replaced with stars), "No HUD", "No Distortion", "Show Player Position", "Show AI Info", and "Big Money" at the pause menu; as well as more characters in Showdown.
Chapter 1: Morning Star (Red's mother) as a showdown character
Chapter 2: Sad Stars cheat
Chapter 5: Sheriff Bartlett as a showdown character
Chapter 11: Smitty as a showdown character
Chapter 14: Matilda as a showdown character
Chapter 18: No HUD cheat and Grizzly as a showdown character
Chapter 20: Bite the Bullet cheat
Chapter 21: No Distortion cheat
Chapter 24: Infinite Deadeye cheat
Chapter 25: Golden Gun cheat
Chapter 27: Invincibility cheat
Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game in "Hard" mode to unlock the "Very Hard" and "Red Wood Revolver" (play as Manny Quinn training dummy) modes.

Successfully complete the game to unlock bounty hunter mode and hard mode.

Buy every item from the stores to unlock all showdown characters and journal pages.

Store items already sold
When starting a new game, instead of entering a name use the spacebar right to make a blank entry. When you enter this, it starts a character named "Rstar". In some of the stores some items show up as already sold to you.

When starting a new game, enter "ASSMAN" as a name. Almost everything in the stores will appear as sold.
On the level with the exploding dynamite Boss, sneak around and hide so that he does not see you. Note: Bongo music will play when he is on your tail. Then, shoot him with the rifle in the back. This surprises him (the game will say "You surprised him!"). Then, power on through with as many shots as possible to get his life down. Repeat the hiding routine, then sneak shot again. Do npt use combos, as they do not really effect him much. Just power on through with single shots; because the first one stuns and the successive ones hurt him. Also, when he is on your tail and is going to blow you up, do a sidestep or one of those rolls to get out of the way. The area with the low cement walls works well if you duck down.

You can also climb on top of the roof of the house in the center of the village, then climb on top of the shack. From this point, you can stand there and not worry about being hurt by the dynamite, and the Boss will not be able to see you. He will keep walking the same path repeatedly. This makes it easy to "surprise him" several times to kill him.

Climb up on the peak of the shack. Stay on the highest point of the roof. He will soon start attacking, but you are too high and out of range of his dynamite. Every time he attacks, the explosion blows him back. Shoot him in the head and chest with your rifle. It is easy to wear him down this way without using your health. When your rifle runs out of ammunition, use your pistol. He will be done for good.

Defeating Bad Bessie
Before the mission, select a bought sawn-off shotgun, and a revolver. You will have to kill most of the enemies in the level with the revolver, so it may take some time. Use the "cover" ([X]) ability often. After you approach her "cabin" on the left is a big rock, go behind it and stand, Do not use "cover", but face the opening where she runs at you with the shotgun. When she comes around the corner, get two good shots off then run up to her and use the melee attack ([B]). When she runs away, reload. You may have to use Deadeye a few times, but it should work. Note: Along the edge of the cliff is a ledge below. It contains a chest hidden in a cave that has health. There is also another one slightly earlier in the level, in a similar location.

When you get to the end of "Bad Bessie", step up to the level that she is on, turn around, and step back down to the level you started on. Back up slightly and wait for her to come down to where you are. She cannot do anything but stand facing the step. Stand back and keep shooting her in the head to get maximum points and take no damage.

Use the repeating rifle and six shooter. Before going up to the level that Bad Bessie is on, stand behind the rock on the right and shoot all of her men. Then, run over to the shed on the left, not the outhouse, and jump on top of it. Stay as close to the highest edge, and face the lower ledge. Wait for Bessie to approach, or try to approach. She will do a lot of running around, and most the time you will not have enough time to get a good shot at her, until she climbs on to the shed. Each time she climbs up you will be able to put a lot of head shots into her. You can get a few shots into her from the top, but you are better off waiting for her to come to you. While you are on the shed, and after Bessie's health gets to about the halfway mark, the big boulder thrower and a few other henchmen will appear to your left. Keep watching for them and shoot them as soon as you can.

Defeating Mr. Black
Take a rifle, and not a shotgun, on this mission. Start by making sure that all of his men are dead. You can either shoot them yourself or stand behind them and let Mr. Black kill them. Once all of them are dead, run to the far back-left corner. There is a small brick wall to hide behind. Once you are hidden, wait for him to get through firing his gun. Then, once you find him, zoom in and take your shots. Repeat this until you kill him.

This opponent's weak spot is when he is done shooting. Immediately when he stops shooting, shoot him with the repeater rifle, the revolver, or the twin revolvers. Do not use the sawed off shotgun -- you will not have enough time to retreat after he gets out of his daze.

Take the owl rifle and the revolver. When the level begins, try to shoot as many of his henchmen in the head with the revolver (one shot kill). At the same time, there is a tree to the right of you. Attempt to make you way toward it. Mr. Black will help and take out a couple of his own men when he attempts to shoot you. After you get behind the tree, switch to the rifle. It is important to keep the tree between you and Mr. Black as much as possible. You can shoot your entire clip at him, and duck behind the tree. Usually he will not fire back. He will be stunned and you can get almost your entire clip off before he shoots back. If he does, the tree is between you and him, giving you cover. After he finishes shooting, pop out and shoot him immediately. It seems to inflict the most damage per hit.

Use the Owl Rifle instead of the shotguns.

Defeating Sam
You will need full Dead Eye for this. In the room with Sam, take care of the three men at the start. The one on the left will drop some health. After this, the big red curtain opens up, and two girls will attack you, along with Sam and everyone else up above you. If you get lucky, something will happen to the girls immediately and they will die. After they are dead, only shoot Sam. Pay no attention to the other men up there with him. When he picks up a barrel, shoot him as much as possible. If done correctly, he will have half of his health when he jumps down to your level. Once he is down there, continue to only focus on Sam. Stand behind any of the four poker tables until he begins to charge at you. He will ram himself into the table and become stunned. While he is stunned, use a Dead Eye on him. Do this with the other three tables. He should now be either dead or almost dead. if you still have a Dead Eye, wait for him to look at you, then use it. Otherwise, just shoot him until he dies.

When Sam jumps down to the ground floor, stand behind a table whenever he charges at you. After all four tables are cleared, wait for him to begin to charge, then jump onto the stage. He will hit the stage and become dizzy. Shoot him and he will eventually die.

Lure Sam up onto the stage, then jump down under cover from the shooters above. Sam will become stunned in the stage lights, leaving him open for some easy shots. If he comes out of it, just repeat until he is dead.

Note: This trick may require some practice due to the fact that you must have good timing and quickness. You may occasionally run out of tables. When this happens, all you can do is shoot him while he is charging at you wildly. To avoid this, when he runs into a table and is stunned, starting punching him. He loses a lot more health than when charging wildly at you and is being shot. If you can, punch him in the back so that he will not be facing you. This gives you even more time to hit him and bring him down.

When fighting Sam, stand directly in front of the stage. When he charges you, jump on the stage. He will run into it and will be stunned. You can fire away. Continue this until he is dead.

Defeating Pig Josh
When the fight starts, immediately run up to the building where the man with dual revolvers is located. Once there, immediately jump to the building on your right. Then, turn around and Josh should be on the rooftop you were just on. However, instead of attacking, he will run around the rooftop in a continuous "loop". You will now be free to shoot him. It will take longer and use many more bullets, but you should hardly lose any health.

When pig josh comes out of his trailer, go upstairs in the house. Directly above where Jack is standing is a large piece of wood. Climb on to that and he will not go upstairs and throw dynamite. He will only throw dynamite from the ground to blow you off the roof of the house. However, this will not work because you are up higher. Eventually he will stop. He will then start to walk away on the ground towards the cage Jack was in. You can now shoot him in the back to stun him, then shoot him more to hurt him. Note: Pig Josh will only get hurt when he is stunned. Get a gun with fast reloads so you can hurt him more as he will only be stunned for about three seconds.

When you are done with the midget clowns and Pig Josh appears, go up onto the Gatling gun on the hill. It is on a tripod. If it does not have 425 bullets or more, let Pig Josh kill you to give the gun 500 bullets. He will run in circles around you in a specific pattern. When you get on the gun, aim it to the left as far as it can go. Only shoot when Pig Josh is in the crosshairs. This will require almost all of those bullets.

Defeating Bosses
To kill the majority of Bosses, use height to your advantage. There is more often than not a location where they cannot get to you and will stay in range.

Bar Fight: Extra health
During the Bar Brawl, go upstairs in the saloon and talk to the two ladies in the bath. You will get an option to take a bath with them for $1,500, which will increase your maximum health.

Freak Show: Extra health
After completing the Freak Show level, where you fight Professor Perry as Jack Swift, he will be in Brimstone. Keep talking to him and eventually he will sell you a maximum health upgrade.

Hell Pass: Extra money
When you are playing as the Buffalo Soldier, you can shoot the driver of the wagon in the head as much desired and it will not kill him. Each time you shoot him, you will get $8. You can intertwine this with killing the Indians and get massive combos.

When you are in the mine where you have to find the keys, once you unlock the cell door with the woman in it talk to her twice. She will sell u a kiss for $1.

Mountain Mine: Health upgrade
On the Mountain Mine level, you must get various keys in order to complete the level. One of the keys is in a jail cell with a young lady. After you free her, talk to her again. You will receive a health upgrade for $1.

The Mine: Extra revolver ammunition
On the mine stage look for a revolver. It will give you 915 bullets for the revolver.

Railroaded: Avoid getting hurt
When the train goes out of control and you are forced to work your way back up, there is a way to get through the thin rafters without getting hurt. If a rafter is coming and you do not have enough time to jump, just stand still. Red will not be hurt, and will not get knocked down.

Railroaded: Diegos train
There are multiple ways to complete Diegos train, however, this is more convenient and safer then using the gatling gun that the traveler brings across the plain. As you start, kill all of the men in the first compartment, but be careful of the canon on top. Do not stray too far from the train. Then, detach the back compartment. Next, get back on your horse and go forward to kill all of the men in the next compartment and the man in the compartment with a locked door. However, do not unlatch the compartments, which is what the lever there does. Instead, get back out and shoot at the steam engine. Because you killed everyone and did not unlatch the compartments behind, no men on horseback will arrive, and no one will be shooting at you except for the canon. However, as long as you do not stray too far from the train itself, you will be safe. You must shoot off all its armor, and shoot it by thirds (it will blow up three times after all its armor is off).

Range War: Extra ammunition
You play as Annie Stoakes at her ranch. Shoot the hen house door (near all the chickens and the health) to get more ammunition for her rifle.

Rogue Valley: Extra money
After meeting the prospector, he will lead you to a cave with two villains. After killing them, the prospector runs outside only to be shot by two snipers. If you kill the snipers before they kill the prospector, he will drop a money bag worth $1,500. To save him from dying, kill the villains in the cave, then run outside before the prospector can and kill the snipers very quickly.

Stagecoach: Extra money
When you are riding the stagecoach filled with TNT, fire as many times as desired at the head of the driver. He will not die, and the stagecoach will not take any damage. You can rake in as much money as desired. Hit him as many times as you can between firing at enemies until the mission ends and you will earn a serious bonus.

Play as Manny Quinn
Note: This is the most difficult task in the game. You must first unlock everything, including the lucky flask from talking to jack swift in Brimstone (the third time you visit); the pocket watch from the paperboy in Brimstone (the fourth time you visit),.and the hot bath from the girls in the tub upstairs during the saloon fight. You must also achieve an "Excellent" rank in every chapter by either earning three stars or purchasing items until there are no "Excellent" locks left to open. After finishing your game and achieving the above, go to "Showdown". You must have all 47 characters unlocked and 99% of game completed before proceeding.
1a. make sure you are signed in as player one.

1b. Take character #1 ("Pig" Josh in the top row left) and defeat character #2 (Holstein Hal) in Bounty Hunter mode (first to $3,000) in Twin Rocks (site #1).

1c. Take character #2 (Holstein Hal) and defeat character #3 (Professor Perry) in Bounty Hunter mode (first To $3,000) in Desert Fortress (site #2).

1d. Stay in Bounty Hunter mode (first To $3,000) and continue this rotation in characters and sites; character #3 versus character #4 in The Bridge (site #3), character #4 versus character #5 in The Fairground (site #4), etc. . until you have played as every character, defeating every character, and battled in every site at least once. When you get to the last character, Kid Cougar, select him to defeat character #1 ( "Pig" Josh).
This should unlock Manny Quinn, your final journal page, and have 100% of the game completed. He will appear at the end of the top row of Showdown characters between Dan and Grizzly. If this does not happen, proceed to step 2:
2a. Plug in controller two.

2b. Make sure you are signed in as player one.

2c. Make up a name and log in your "new" player two.

2d. Select Red as your player with Team Red (Red Square background).

2e. Select "Pig" Josh As Player two's first player with Team White (White Square background) in Twin Rocks (site #1).
You always play as Red on Team Red. You will now cycle through "all" Showdown modes:
First to $3,000, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, and $20,000 in Bounty Hunter mode.

Most $$$ earned in 1, 3, 5, 10, and 15 Minute Sundown mode.

Most duels won in 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 Duels in High Noon mode.
Rotate Player two's players and sites as in step 1:

Note: Use and kill with every weapon you have and earn. Play draw poker on all modes except for $20,000 Bounty Hunter and 15 Minute Sundown modes. On these modes:
Play Hold 'Em.

Pickup All Kill Cards. (more new weapons and faster earnings).

Move player two around occasionally.

Shoot red occasionally

"Kill" Red occasionally (player two will freeze, get stuck or become invincible in certain spots at times. When this happens, move him around a slightly and shoot at Red to free him up.

Note: Leave Red in the same spot in every mode and move player two to him.
You have now played as and defeated every character in the game, plus won all fifteen showdown modes. Manny Quinn will appear immediately after you defeat character #14 (Dan) or #15 (Grizzly) in the top first row.

To play as Manny Quinn, a training dummy previously seen in the gun store in Brimstone, complete the game under the normal difficulty setting to unlock the hard difficulty setting. Then, complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. You can use the cheats from bounty hunter mode to make this easier. When you have completed the game under the hard difficulty setting and select "New", you can now select the "Red Wood Revolver" option. You can now play the game as Manny Quinn.

Alternately, get over 900 cards in showdown mode.

Alternately, get 1,000 cards in multi-player mode. Check your stats to find out how many cards you currently have.

Secret shop
In the beginning of the level after you play as Shadow Wolf, turn around and go back to the jail cell that you and the Buffalo Soldier were in. You can talk to the skeleton. The shop menu will open, and you can buy a horseshoe and snake oil.

Quick reload
When you get knocked down, press [Y] and your gun should reload before you get up.

Glitch: Railroaded: Appearing Fawler
When you start the level, fall off the train. Let it go until you are at the back caboose, then jump on the platform on the back. Jump on top of the caboose. Fawler should not be there. Go forward one train car, and he should appear.

Glitch: Torch does not extinguish
In the first level that you play as Shadow Wolf, punch or slash an enemy in the river with a knife (take out a knife and press [B]). He will fall down. If His torch is in the water, notice that it will not go out.

Glitch: Burn the engineer
Note: This only works after you unlock Red Wood Revolver. In the level where you are on top of the train after it speeds up, once you reach Hoss, shoot him until he reaches low health. Then, catch on fire and finish him off. If done correctly, the intermission sequence should feature Manny Quinn on fire while the engineer is slowing the train down. After the train slows down, the engineer should say "Here lemme patch you up a...", then catch on fire and scream. He will leave the intermission sequence unscathed.

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