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Apr. 15, 2006
Author: JPaterson5KB
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Change music
Hold [X] and press [L] or [R] to change the menu song.

Bingo cheat
Reach level 2 in your EA Sports Bio.

1990 Eagles team
Reach level 4 in your EA Sports Bio.

Preist Holmes
Reach level 9 in your EA Sports Bio.

Super Bowl 38 stadium
Reach level 19 in your EA Sports Bio.

Tiburon Complex stadium
Reach level 29 in your EA Sports Bio.

Ricky Williams
Reach level 27 in your EA sports Bio.

EA Sports Stadium
Reach level 50 in your EA Sports Bio.
Cheerleader and Pump Up Crowd Cards
Successfully complete the "Game Situation" challenges in mini-camp mode. The Cheerleader or Pump Up Crowd Cards for the team used will be unlocked.

Madden Cards and game cheats
Get a gold rank in any event on the All Pro, Pro and Rookie levels in mini-camp mode.

to man coverage
Send a player in motion. If a defensive player follows him, then the corners are playing man to man coverage. Remember that the safeties may have zone and a LB could cover a WR (should be an easy completion).

Easy sacks
If you have Bill Callahan's defensive playbook, go to Nickle defense and scroll down until you find Middle Blitz. Select that play then shift both your line and your LBs inside. You should get a sack about 85% of the time.

Note: You must have Easy Play on or Offsides off. Use your right sided DT to the right sided center guard gap. Hold the "Left Analog-stick Down" and your man should be running in place now. This will work 50 to 60% of the time.

When on defense, enter the 4-3. Find the Man Buzz play. Flip the play until the blitzing outside linebaker is blitzing on a side where there are no TEs, and preferably no RBs. Shift your D-Line and LBs to the outside. Your outside LB should be able to get to the QB cleanly, and get the sack.

Pick a play where the middle linebacker blitzes and move the left DT to the center block the center. This will work about 70% of the time.

In franchise mode create a player as a left end. Make him about 6' 3" tall and 350 pounds. Make him all muscle. Then, sign him to your roster and improve all of his stats. Next, go to "My Madden" and turn "Off Sides" off. Then, play a game and have your left end go off to the side of the player who is guarding him and have him run. Because off sides is off, he will not go off sides, and there will be somewhat of a barrier. After the ball is snapped, he will start moving and the man who is guarding him will turn and face you. However, because your player is so fast, most of the time he will outrun him. If not, just run into him and knock him down with a rip move. There will be an open lane and he will either get sacked or make a bad pass and you will possibly intercept it. Note: If he is about to pass, make a diving tackle to see if you can knock the ball loose.

Easy first down or more
When you create a playbook, make a formation with the quarterback one step back from the center, and the halfback in the same location as the quarterback, only behind the left tackle. Make a custom route for him. Have him run straight towards the QB, then streak as soon as he reaches the outside of the offensive line. Have the fullback out as a receiver going for a 25 yard post. Have the left side receiver go for a 25 yard streak, and make a custom for the right receiver (next to the fullback). Have him go straight for 5 yards, have a two second delay, then post left. About the time he starts his post, the fullback should be starting his, and the defense re-adjusts to cover both men, leaving just enough time to get the ball to your open halfback. This works about 90 percent of the time. You must be quick to avoid getting sacked.

Easy Rushing yards
Go to create a playbook, and go to create a formation. Created a formation called the Stack, with three backs in the backfield and two tightends on the line of scrimmage.
                TE T G C G T TE

This is how you should line it up. Use a lot of off tackle sweeps and counters with a fast running backs (Michael Bennett, Ricky Williams, Marshall Faulk, etc.). If the PCU played man to man, they would move all of their players to be in better position to stop the play, leaving the flats wide open for big runs; if the CPU shifts people to one side you should playmaker the run the other way and you should have a very fun time running all over the CPU. This formation can work on all levels and requires that you have blockers in the back field that have good awareness so that they will make key blocks.

Put five men on the line and put your quarterback in a regular position. Put three runningbacks (two RBs, one FB; should be fast RBs), and give it to the one on the left side (pitch). You should get a lot of yards because of the other RBs blockage.

Easy punt return touchdowns
Chose "Block Punt" then when they come out, audible to a middle punt return. This will work about 85% of the time.

Easy two point conversion
Once you score a touchdown, go to "Special Teams", then choose "Fake Fieldgoal Pass". Once you snap the ball, the CPU will immediately drop back into coverage, which lets your quarterback rollout and run it in, or pass it to your tight end.

After scoring a touchdown, if you want to go for a two point conversion instead of choosing the special teams formation, choose goal line and press the button that corresponds to the FB Dive and just run it in for an easy two point conversion Note: This works about 98% of the time.

After making touchdown, go in the "Goal Line" playbook then choose the "HB Pitch" play. Run the play as it is and you will be assured a successful two point conversion almost all of the time,

To get easy points on two minute drill, go for running plays. Make sure you score a touchdown or you will not get enough points. By the end of the drill, you will be given bonus points and get at least 355 tokens for one drill. Note: Go for four drills to get a lot of tokens, but make sure you play against a weak defense like the Claymores.

Play as the Vikings against the Claymores. Make sure Moss is running a Fly Route (straight down the field) and that no one else is running a route close to him. Then, just hike the ball, wait a few seconds, and lob (tap the button) it up to Moss. This works about 95% of the time.

To get over 70 points and nearly 40,000 points in Two Minute Drill, play as the Rams and use both the Shotgun-Normal-Hail Mary and Shotgun-4WR-Hail Mary plays. Use both these formations every few plays just to throw off the defense. Throw to Marshall Faulk while in the normal formation after you have moved him to the left or right and you should have a touchdown about 96% of the time. Play against a European team such as Barcelona and you should do well.

To get easy tokens in Two-Minute Drill, set the CPU defense to the Amsterdam Admirals and set the difficulty to All-Madden. Set the offense to the Atlanta Falcons and start. When the game begins, pause and go to "Coaching Strategies". Go to "Substitutions", and find the Field Goal formation. Substitute the QB already in the play with Michael Vick, and begin the drill. Call all Pass plays, and instead of passing, run with Vick. Usually, you can get it in in one play. After the TD, call a Fake Field Goal - Pass for your extra point. Again, instead of passing, run the ball in with Vick, and you will get more points. Repeat this until the Drill finishes.

Instead of passing to players, run the ball. Play against the Amsterdam Admirals and use a team that has got a good running back and just run it the whole time. Most likely, you will break a run and get a touchdown, if you are skilled at running the ball. Also, the points are a lot higher if you run for a touchdown and you will get many tokens.

Play as the Vikings or 49ers and against the Admirals. Make sure that Terrell Owens or Randy Moss is on the right side running a fly route on every play and that no one else is running a route near them. Then, wait a few seconds and lob it up to Moss or Owens. They should run past the defender with their speed, and you can jog it in for an easy touchdown.

Play as the Vikings against the Dragons. Select the Hail Mary and always throw it to Moss in the corner. Wait for awhile to let him get open and you will get a high score.

Select a bad team such as the Claymores and change their rosters around. For example, put the punter as the QB and switch the entire roster so that their overall rating is 12. Then, go to Two Minute Drill and choose the Vikings. Play against the Claymores in All Madden and keep passing it to Moss.

Play as the Rams against the Thunder. Make sure Kurt Warner is the quarterback, and Isaac Bruce is playing. Also make sure that you have Mike Martz's playbook. Set up the Shotgun 4-WR. Run the Hail Mary play and throw a light touch pass to Isaac Bruce. You will score a touchdown most of the time. Then, go for two and run Goal-Line. Run the Outside Toss play then run to the outside. They will move in the corner back usually, giving you a clear shot. If they do not, call a fake audible and they will pull them almost all of the time. If they do not start running to the outside, then very sharply cut into the edge of the line and stay at least three yards away from any line backer. Keep doing this repeatedly to earn a lot of tokens.

kicking in mini camp
Use the following trick to get gold on All-Madden coffin punt and clutch kicking. When you start, look at the kicking meter to see how fast the wind is blowing. At 10 to 15 mph, it is difficult to get a kick just right. Keep restarting until the winds are at 3 mph or lower. This makes it a lot easier to kick the ball to the red or yellow target.

Easy tokens
Go to "Rosters" and select the Green Bay Packers' Wide Receivers. Make Donald Driver 6'8'' or taller in his information. Next, get out and go play the two minute drill with the Packers as your team and the Amsterdam Admirals as the defense (European Team). Then, go to Shotgun formation and press [Left] until you get to Shotgun 4WR and find Hail Mary. Keep throwing touchdowns to Donald Driver. Just throw bombs; because of his height he should easily catch it. After your done with the two minute drill, go to your Madden Cards and save your profile. Next, buy a pack of cards. Usually when you have about 250 cards out of 285 cards, you will get a lot of repeats. You may have 400 points and get nothing. This is why you should save the game before you buy the cards, so that you get a second chance at getting a card that you do not already have and do not waste your points on cards you already have.

Easy stadium
In owner mode off season, you will have the opportunity to create a new stadium twice. One is when you can go to stadium mode and you can chose rebuild, or relocate. In both areas you will have a chance to create a new stadium. Most of the time if you create a bad stadium, you will have your proposal denied because you do not have enough money. Get about $300 million then create a stadium that has one section at least of press, and one section of press and luxury. The rest can be finished off as desired. Then, on the "Secure Funds" section, make it so that the team provides the most money possible, making it so that the board has more approval for the stadium. Note: If you relocate to a city that has a high desire for a sports team such as Los Angeles or Boston, their approval will be higher.

Easy money in owner mode
While playing your franchise in owner mode, wait until you play any home game. While playing, go to menu options and save your game. Immediately quit the game and completely exit out of franchise mode. Reload your franchise game, and repeat as many times as necessary. The trick works off your ticket sales for that game. For example, if you normally make $5 million a game, multiply that by the number of times you saved/quit/reloaded. If you do it ten times, then you will make $50 million in ticket sales for that game. Note: If you save and do not quit, most likely your game will crash after a few plays.

Before you face a team that is very bad, go to owner mode and select "Advertising". Max out everything, then go to Fan Appreciation Day and choose the top option. This would be what the crowd would like the most. Get your win (simulate or play one game). After the game, go to owner mode and select "Advertising". Bring everything down to zero. If you winm you should gain about $6 to 7 million.

Quick blitz
If you want to blitz fast, go to the setting menu, then choose "Penalty", and turn off "Offsides". You can now run before the play.

Get under the salary cap
Go to "Rosters", then go down to "Resign Players". Sign your players to seven year contracts. This will give more money most of the time. This is a good way to get more money before the off season to get those highly paid players.

If you want to get Champ Bailey, but without messing up his stats before starting franchise mode, do the following. First, create two super players at 45 years old, and 27 years pro. Next, if you created a SS for example, fill the stats that affect his rating (Speed, Awareness, Tackle, etc.). After you have completed creating your players, sign them for a one year deal but with no bonus. Trade them both to the Redskins for Champ Bailey and perhaps Lennie Friedman (LG), because Bailey's low salary will not be enough to get the Redskins under the cap; get Friedman a sorry high salary player. If that fails, create another player just like the other two but in another postiton (for example, MLB). Then, trade two of three created players and a number one pick for Bailey, Friedman, and if necessary another sorry high salary player. Go back to the create player screen and mess up the two players that you traded down to about 30 overall then go to the trade player screen. Trade the third created player to the Redskins for your original number one pick and the two other created players. Finally, mess up the third created players stats and sign a bad player (Joe Maese, C for example).Trade the bad player for the created one. Then release and delete the created players. Your cap penalties will be zero if this is done.

Players become coaches
Great players that retire in franchise mode can return to be coaches. Wait a couple of years after your favorite star retires, and he will show up in the coaching free agent list to be signed as an assistant or head coach.

In owner mode, go through a couple seasons, then in the off-season select "Staff". Select "Hire Coach". You can select old players as head, offensive, defensive, and special teams coaches.

Thanksgiving commentary
Set the system date to the third Thursday in November.

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