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Change music
Hold [Square] (Help) and press [L1] or [R1] at a menu screen.

Touchdown celebration
After you make a touchdown, hold [Circle] to spike the ball.

When playing as San Francisco throw a pass to Terrel Owens and head to the end zone while holding [R2]. When you score, you will perform Terrel's popular Sharpie touchdown celebration. Note: This always works in situation mode but rarely works in real game mode.

While playing as the Minnesota Vikings, score a touchdown with Randy Moss. While you are heading to the endzone hold either [L2] or [R2] to perform Randy's FleXX touchdown celebration.

While playing as the Kansas City Chiefs, score a touchdown with Tony Gonzalez. While you are heading to the endzone, try to run towards the field goal post while holding [L1], [L2], [R1], or [R2] to perform Tony's Shooting touchdown celebration, where he shoots the ball into the Post.

Hold [X] + [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] while running to the enzone to do other high steps.

Every player (excluding created players) have a unique touchdown celebration. Hold [L2] when you are about to score a touchdown. Release [L2] after you have scored.

Ray Lewis
Reach level 3 in your EA Sports Bio.

Steve Spurrier coach
Reach level 6 in your EA Sports Bio.

Preist Holmes
Reach level 9 in your EA Sports Bio.

Super Bowl 38 stadium
Reach level 19 in your EA Sports Bio.

Tiburon Complex stadium
Reach level 29 in your EA Sports Bio.

1988 San Francisco 49ers
Reach level 35 in your EA Sports Bio.
Cheerleader and Pump Up Crowd Cards
Successfully complete the "Game Situation" challenges in mini-camp mode. The Cheerleader or Pump Up Crowd Cards for the team used will be unlocked.

Madden Cards and game cheats
Get a gold rank in any event on the All Pro, Pro and Rookie levels in mini-camp mode.

On field mismatches
By pressing [Circle] on the play call screen, you can make quick substitutions to line up your stronger players against weaker opposing players.

Determine if defense is playing man Easy interceptions
While in defense, choose the play Nickel-Normal, go to cover 2. Now that you chose the play move your line in, your LB to the left, and your coverage in. Note: This only work about 85% of the time in rookie mode, sometimes in pro, if you are lucky on all-pro, and almost never in all-Madden settings.

Easy fumbles
Go to Mini Camp mode. Do the LB Chase And Tackle. First do it under the rookie difficulty setting, and when you are skilled enough, advance to the pro setting. Get a gold trophy in the mini camp drill. Do not waste your time in the game situation. You will receive a Silver Fumbilitis. Use the card during a game. This card increases your chances of getting a fumble by 50%.

Easy first down or more
When you create a playbook, make a formation with the quarterback one step back from the center, and the halfback in the same location as the quarterback, only behind the left tackle. Make a custom route for him. Have him run straight towards the QB, then streak as soon as he reaches the outside of the offensive line. Have the fullback out as a receiver going for a 25 yard post. Have the left side receiver go for a 25 yard streak, and make a custom for the right receiver (next to the fullback). Have him go straight for 5 yards, have a two second delay, then post left. About the time he starts his post, the fullback should be starting his, and the defense re-adjusts to cover both men, leaving just enough time to get the ball to your open halfback. This works about 90 percent of the time. You must be quick to avoid getting sacked.

Easy touchdowns
Call the play HB Screen, then press "Playmaker" and press [Triangle] + [Circle].

Easy punt return touchdowns
Chose "Block Punt" then when they come out, audible to a middle punt return. This will work about 85% of the time.

Stop field goal blocks
To stop a friend from blocking field goals, when you hike the ball to the holder hold [X] until his defender comes across the line off sides.

Easy two point conversion
Once you score a touchdown, go to "Special Teams", then choose "Fake Fieldgoal Pass". Once you snap the ball, the CPU will immediately drop back into coverage, which lets your quarterback rollout and run it in, or pass it to your tight end.

After scoring a touchdown, if you want to go for a two point conversion instead of choosing the special teams formation, choose goal line and press the button that corresponds to the FB Dive and just run it in for an easy two point conversion Note: This works about 98% of the time.

After making touchdown, go in the "Goal Line" playbook then choose the "HB Pitch" play. Run the play as it is and you will be assured a successful two point conversion almost all of the time,

Easy onside recovery
Choose "Onside Kick", move the arrow as low as possible, then kick a full kick. The returning team will drop the ball and give you a chance to recover.

Choose "Onside Kick". Set it far as you can to right and far down as possible. Then, kick as hard as you can. You have a good chance of getting the ball.

Easy points and tokens on Two Minute Drill
To get easy points on two minute drill, go for running plays. Make sure you score a touchdown or you will not get enough points. By the end of the drill, you will be given bonus points and get at least 355 tokens for one drill. Note: Go for four drills to get a lot of tokens, but make sure you play against a weak defense like the Claymores.

Play as the Vikings against the Claymores. Make sure Moss is running a Fly Route (straight down the field) and that no one else is running a route close to him. Then, just hike the ball, wait a few seconds, and lob (tap the button) it up to Moss. This works about 95% of the time.

To get over 70 points and nearly 40,000 points in Two Minute Drill, play as the Rams and use both the Shotgun-Normal-Hail Mary and Shotgun-4WR-Hail Mary plays. Use both these formations every few plays just to throw off the defense. Throw to Marshall Faulk while in the normal formation after you have moved him to the left or right and you should have a touchdown about 96% of the time. Play against a European team such as Barcelona and you should do well.

To get easy tokens in Two-Minute Drill, set the CPU defense to the Amsterdam Admirals and set the difficulty to All-Madden. Set the offense to the Atlanta Falcons and start. When the game begins, pause and go to "Coaching Strategies". Go to "Substitutions", and find the Field Goal formation. Substitute the QB already in the play with Michael Vick, and begin the drill. Call all Pass plays, and instead of passing, run with Vick. Usually, you can get it in in one play. After the TD, call a Fake Field Goal - Pass for your extra point. Again, instead of passing, run the ball in with Vick, and you will get more points. Repeat this until the Drill finishes.

Instead of passing to players, run the ball. Play against the Amsterdam Admirals and use a team that has got a good running back and just run it the whole time. Most likely, you will break a run and get a touchdown, if you are skilled at running the ball. Also, the points are a lot higher if you run for a touchdown and you will get many tokens.

Play as the Vikings or 49ers and against the Admirals. Make sure that Terrell Owens or Randy Moss is on the right side running a fly route on every play and that no one else is running a route near them. Then, wait a few seconds and lob it up to Moss or Owens. They should run past the defender with their speed, and you can jog it in for an easy touchdown.

Play as the Vikings against the Dragons. Select the Hail Mary and always throw it to Moss in the corner. Wait for awhile to let him get open and you will get a high score.

Select a bad team such as the Claymores and change their rosters around. For example, put the punter as the QB and switch the entire roster so that their overall rating is 12. Then, go to Two Minute Drill and choose the Vikings. Play against the Claymores in All Madden and keep passing it to Moss.

Play as the Rams against the Thunder. Make sure Kurt Warner is the quarterback, and Isaac Bruce is playing. Also make sure that you have Mike Martz's playbook. Set up the Shotgun 4-WR. Run the Hail Mary play and throw a light touch pass to Isaac Bruce. You will score a touchdown most of the time. Then, go for two and run Goal-Line. Run the Outside Toss play then run to the outside. They will move in the corner back usually, giving you a clear shot. If they do not, call a fake audible and they will pull them almost all of the time. If they do not start running to the outside, then very sharply cut into the edge of the line and stay at least three yards away from any line backer. Keep doing this repeatedly to earn a lot of tokens.

Always win coin toss
If your opponent wins the coin toss, keep pressing or hold [Triangle]. Most of the time they will choose to kick.

kicking in mini camp

Use the following trick to get gold on All-Madden coffin punt and clutch kicking. When you start, look at the kicking meter to see how fast the wind is blowing. At 10 to 15 mph, it is difficult to get a kick just right. Keep restarting until the winds are at 3 mph or lower. This makes it a lot easier to kick the ball to the red or yellow target.

Easy stadium
In owner mode off season, you will have the opportunity to create a new stadium twice. One is when you can go to stadium mode and you can chose rebuild, or relocate. In both areas you will have a chance to create a new stadium. Most of the time if you create a bad stadium, you will have your proposal denied because you do not have enough money. Get about $300 million then create a stadium that has one section at least of press, and one section of press and luxury. The rest can be finished off as desired. Then, on the "Secure Funds" section, make it so that the team provides the most money possible, making it so that the board has more approval for the stadium. Note: If you relocate to a city that has a high desire for a sports team such as Los Angeles or Boston, their approval will be higher.

More yards in Ground Attack
If you have a play such as this:
                                      x   /
                                      x /

Get through the tight end gap, and if your fullback blocks the DT, go around him and cut back to the opposite side.

Getting good players
Enter owner mode and create a player. Intentionally keep his stats very low and sign him to your team for the maximum number of years at a minimum salary. Then, return to the player creation screen (not through the rosters), and change his attributes to full. You will be able to keep the player through the length of his contract for the original low salary.

While in franchise or owner mode, when asked to input players at the end of a season, begin this by doing the regular offseason procedures. When the next screen appears, go to your features to create-a-player. Create your player, but make his attributes between 12 to 20. Save the player, then go to offseason features until you get to re-sign free agents. Begin the bargaining process on your created player (if the above steps are done correctly, his salary should be between $200,000 to $400,000) and sign him. When main screen appears, go back into the features and highlight your created player you just signed. Go to attributes and raise all the attributes to 99. Notice that although the overall rating goes up, the salary remains the same.

Check to see what teams you are playing. Then, create a player with a 99 overall rating. WRs work best as they are not used every play on offense. Sign the free agent, then go to trade block. Look carefully at what your true needs to make your team better are. Put the created player on the block. Ask for the two positions with a rating of 90 you need the most and a first round draft pick. You can usually get a first rounder with a 90 to 95 player depending on what position you ask for. When you trade, try to get the best deal from teams that you will not face. You can do this with probably three to five created characters, depending on the deals that you get and the needs of your team. This is easy because you do not have to spend any time creating the player and you benefit by trading to teams you do not face.

To get unbelievable players, create a player, in a position that you need who is only 18. Make him rated about 75 overall. After training camp, pre-season, and a good season, you can have a player near 83 overall. Then, down the road, you can easily produce a 99 overall player.

To have a good team with one player or more and a low salary, create a player that would be very bad at his position. Sign him for as cheap as you can without a bonus for seven years. A bonus would make you pay more in the long run. Change his rating to perfect and make him good to a position which is common to his position on offense/defense. For example, WRs can be good secondary players and defensive lineman can be good offensive lineman, or if they are smaller and fast a fullback or tight end.

Note: The following trick only works in franchise mode. To get good first round draft picks each year, create a player during the season (quarterback works best). Make his quarterback accuracy and power 100; if any other stats are made better he will be too much to sign. He will be added to the free agents. Go to rosters and look for all the teams in the NFL that have a bad quarterback. Most of the time, the team who has a bad quarterback will also have a bad season. Once you have found the team with the worst quarterback, go to "Free Agents" under "Roster", and sign the player you created to a one year deal. Once this is done, go to "Trades" under "Roster". Trade your created player (his stats should be about 78) to the team that had the worst quarterback for their first and second round draft pick. Next, go to create a player and adjust the attributes of the quarterback you just traded and make him 12 overall. Now you will have the team's first and second draft pick, and they will have a bad quarterback.

Note: You must have Corey Dillon or the Bengals for this trick. To get a good spot at the NFL draft (if not the first), trade Corey Dillon for their first or second draft picks. They will usually accept. You will now have two good draft picks.

When you are playing a franchise, wait until it gets to week 6. Check to see who has the worst record in the league. Go to that team and trade your first round pick for their first round pick. Even if you are 6-0 and they are 0-6, they will accept about 95% of time.

At the end of the season in franchise mode when signing coaches, go to coaching postions. Be the coach of the team that the desired player is on. Then during the season, trade between the teams you coach. At the end of the next season, go back to coaching positions and quit coaching that team. This is also allows you to take their draft picks.

If you think you have a good draft pick, go to "Sign Draft Picks" and select that player. If he is asking for over $60 million, he should be over 80 overall.

Create a QB and make his overall stats as low as possible. Sign him, then put his stats up. Trade him to any team for one or two of their good people. After you trade, go back to the create a player option and set his stats back down.

Note: This trick requires NCAA Football 2004. Finish a season in dynasty mode in NCAA Football 2004. You will be prompted to save the draft candidates. Answer "Yes". With the same saved game file available, go into a franchise with any team. When prompted to insert the draft class from NCAA Football 2004, answer "Yes". Trade all your good people for all the first round draft picks and simulate all the games for that season. Then, go to the NFL Draft and draft picks from NCAA Football 2004. You must go to rosters in NCAA Football 2004 and make them have a name.

Play as the Rams in a fantasy draft. They always get a low draft pick.

Enter franchise mode and trade you first, second, and third round draft pick for a bad team's first, second, and third round draft picks just before the trade deadline (before week 6). You will get to pick first if they continue to play badly. This works most of the time, but it depends on the team's performance at the end.

When you select franchise mode at the main menu, you will be asked you how many teams you want to control. Set that number to 32. After doing this, make sure owner mode is on. During the draft make sure to get a good player at every position for just one team. For every other team, give them the lowest possible player. After about eighteen to twenty rounds you will not be able to sign any more good players; make those twenty picks count. Simulate the rest of the draft, allowing the CPU to get a few good players as well. Simulate the training camp, preseason, regular season, and playoffs if you make it. In the off-season, select "Coaching Strategies" and there should be an option to make every team except the one you created to be good controlled by the CPU. You now have 29 years to create a winning franchise. When a player gets old, be sure to trade him for a younger player at his position who is also good.

When it is your turn to draft, just simulate the entire draft. Go to sign draft picks and give them exactly what they want. Then, simulate that. After the wait, go to "League News" then "Draft Summary". Look at the entire league's draft. View the players stats, display his ratings. Scroll down until you find your draft position. You can now draft any player after that. Do this for every round. Make a note of the names of the players that you want down. Note: Before you simulate the draft, save the game so you can then go back to before the draft; there is no point in seeing the rankings if you cannot go back to get them.

In Franchise mode, wait till about week 6, then look for the team with the worst projected record by year's end. Swap draft picks with them (for example, rounds 1, 2, 3). When it is time to go to the NFL draft, do not enter the draft. Instead, go to trade and see what you can get for your first round pick, since most draft picks are not that good.

Try to get an 11 or 12 pick. For a slightly stronger offense, do offense first pick and defense second pick and so on, or vice versa for defense. If you want a strong special teams, pick a punter and kicker in the lower twenties. Do not simulate, as they will give stronger players to CPU controlled teams.

Dante Hall is rated 99 at KR, but not so well at WR. This makes it easy to trade him. A simple second Round Draft Pick, or another decent WR, will trade Dante Hall onto any team you want him on.

When scouting players for the draft, make sure to look at a player's classification (for example, RB Speed, WR Possession, Run Stopping DT, etc.) before deciding to draft them. Also, OLs that specialize in either run or pass blocking are only good at that skill if they are not projected a first-rounder. When drafting a Scrambling QB, if his arm strength or accuracy are above average or average, his rating will be 65 to 70, whereas if he is a Pocket QB with an above average or average throw accuracy or power, his rating will be 75 or 80. It is usually smarter to draft a scrambler if you want a better all around quarterback, as it is much easier to increase their throwing ability than their speed, agility and quickness.

Go into franchise mode and create a player in any position that you want to get traded for. Set all his stats to 99. Then, sign him from the free agency. Put him on the trade block and trade him for a very good player. After that, return to the create-a-player screen and lower all his stats to 12. By doing this, the other team will have a large salary cap, and no good players.

To ensure that you do not waste early round draft picks on busts or poorly rated players, carry out "Player Retirement" and "Re-Sign Players" in off season mode. Then, save the franchise and go directly to "Sign Free Agents". Then, look at the stats for all the rookie players, especially for positions that you intend to address in the draft. Next, exit franchise mode and load your saved game. You then be able to pick the best available player remaining for each position. This is especially useful for kickers and punters, as the scout report ratings often do not translate into their final stats. Also, to improve the quality of draft picks you sign, save your franchise before advancing to the normal off season mode. Then, go into the off season and check out the NFL Draft Info section, which can be found in the League News section. Go to "Draft Preview", and check out what talent is available at each position. If the talent in the draft pool is not up to your liking, exit franchise and re-load until you get a draft pool that you like.

To get good players for franchise mode, edit a team's roster before starting your franchise. You can trade anyone on your team without problems, as long as you have cap room. Then, start a new franchise with your altered rosters. If you run out of money, edit older players (such as Rice, Brown, Gannon, R. Woodson, and Romo) so that their stats are at overall 12. Release, then resign, then re-raise their stats. If done correctly, you will have a strong team with cheap veterans.

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