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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Australia stage
Select versus mode. Highlight Sagat at the stage selection screen. Hold [Start] for five seconds and press any button.

Alternate costumes
Quickly press [L], [Y], [B] while selecting any fighter at the character selections screen.

Fight as Chun Li in Street Fighter 2 outfit
Enter the character selection screen. Highlight Chun Li. Hold [Start] for five seconds and press any button. Alternatively, highlight Chun-Li on the character selection screen, hold [Start], and press [A] + [B] + [X].

Fight against Shin Akuma
Complete the game without using a continue or losing a round with five or more perfect victories. Shin Akuma will appear before the final Boss.

Victory pose select
Defeat your opponent and hold [Start] + [Select] with any button.
Demon rage
Everybody has the Demon Rage technique. You can flash and charge and make up your combo.

Rose Time Freeze
Do any Soul Spark and when it hits your opponent follow up with any super move, except the illusion. The screen become a little darker and your opponent will pause until hit. To make your opponent move again, perform another super or custom move. When finishing your opponent with the time freeze, the screen will get darker except for the fighters. Note: Sometimes the game will freeze and require a reset.

Silent kick
To execute a silent kick, press [Down] before kicking. Note: This only works in the air.

Akuma: Quick Super Level 1 Air Haduken
When you have at least a level 1 super bar, hold any [Punch], and press [Down], [Down/Forward], [Down], [Down/Forward], [Forward], [Up/Forward], and release [Punch].

Glitch: Hit the air
Alpha counter a two-in-one combo and it will hit the air and not your opponent. For example, do a trip, whirlwind kick combo and the enemy can alpha counter the hit and hit the air. This is a very useful method to beat Shin Akuma.

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