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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Fight as Evil Ryu
At the character selection screen, highlight Ryu and hold [Start] for one second. Move [Right] to Adon, [Up] to Akuma, [Down] to Adon, and [Left] to Ryu. Hold [Start] and press any punch or kick button.

Fight against Shin Akuma (Gouki)
Begin an arcade mode game, fight seven matches without losing a round or using a continue, and get more than three perfect victories. Akuma (Gouki) will appear before the eighth match as a Boss. Note: He will not appear again if you lose to him.

Fight as Special Sakura
Highlight Sakura at the character selection screen and repeatedly press [Start] until she changes color.

2 outfit
Enter the character select screen. Highlight Chun Li. Hold [Select] for five seconds. Press a button to choose, then release [Select].

Reset game
Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Select] and press [Start] at any time except when the game is loading.

Original Zangief introduction
Hold [Select] before the fight begins in versus or training mode.

Sagat's or M. Bison's (Vega's) secret stage
Highlight Sagat or M. Bison (Vega) and hold [Start] for five seconds. Keep the button held, then highlight the character you wish to fight.

Stage select
When a new challenger enters the game, highlight the fighter that corresponds to the stage you wish to fight on and hold [Start] for two seconds. Release [Start] then highlight the character you wish to fight as and press a "Punch" or "Kick" button.

Fighter's color selection
Each fighter has at least four colors. The first color is selected by pressing a punch key, the second color is select by pressing a kick key, the third color is selected by pressing two punch keys together, and the fourth color is selected by pressing two kick keys together.

Alternate Dan speech
Fight as Dan and attain full super combo meter (marked with the number 3). Then, press [Down], "Down/Away", "Away", [Down], "Down/Away", "Away" + all three "Kick" buttons. At the end of the match, Dan should say "Yahoo!" instead of "Koryuken!"

Fight as Dan against Sagat and attain a full super combo (marked with the number 3). [Down], "Down/Away", "Away", [Down], "Down/Away", "Away" + all three "Kick" buttons. At the end of the match, Dan should say "Yatta ze!" Instead of "Yahoo!" or "Koryuken!"

Fight as Evil Ryu (Japanese version)
Highlight Ryu on the character selection screen, then press [Start]x2.

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