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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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Extra gold
Begin game play in multi-player mode and give all gold to one character. Save the game for the character with the gold, but not the other character. Restart the game, and the player that was not saved will have the same amount of gold present before giving it to the other character. Repeat this process to collect as much gold as needed. This also may be done with elixirs after they appear in the game to allow a character with enhanced attributes to be built. Note: Due to the limited amount of space in the inventory, only 200,000 gold pieces may be carried at one time.

Play a couple games with a character and stock up on any rings or amulets that Griswald will give you more then 5,000 gold pieces for. Some rings are worth up to 20,000 gold pieces so its possible to bring items worth 800,000 gold pieces into a new game. When you have found some premium rings our amulets do not sell them. Save your character (not game) and start a new two player game with one character having the expensive items and the other character the one that will get the gold or shop for new tiems. This trick can also be done deadly weapons.

Duplicating belt items
When your player is surrounded by items and you can not throw down any more items without moving, throw an item from your belt. It will fall on the ground two squares from your player, but the item will still be on your belt. You can pick it up and have two. This can be done as many times as needed, with any item that is on your belt. This is especially useful with elixirs (spectral) and potions of full rejuvenation when in the lower levels.

Duplicating items
This trick requires two memory cards and two controllers. Start a multi-player game. Have the character that has the item you want to duplicate drop it on the floor, then have the other character pick it up. Save the character that just picked up the item. Exit with the character that dropped the item without saving. You should now have two of the same item, one each in the possession of both characters. Note: This will not work with yellow items -- you cannot save yellow items without saving the game.

Bonus characters
Play all six standard characters until they are fully developed on the same memory card. Then start a new game, go to the "One Player" menu, select the "Load Character" option, and choose the memory card with the six characters. Return to the "One Player" menu, highlight "Load Character", and hold [Left] or [Right] until the character portrait changes to a new person (alternate versions of the townspeople). Fully develop the new character and repeat the steps to unlock more characters.

Attribute increase for items
If you do not have enough of a single attribute to use a weapon, helmet, or armor, equip a ring or amulet that will raise that attribute. Equip the item that was previously unwearable, then remove the ring or amulet. The item will not turn red and you can still use it. Note: This only works if the item you want to equip adds points to the attribute that was boosted.

Attribute increase with elixirs
To boost attributes stock up on elixirs. Save a character with the elixirs. Start a game in two player mode with a new character and the character with elixirs. Give the elixirs to the new character and use them. Then, save the new character but not the old one. Repeat this as needed.
Defeating The Butcher
When you encounter The Butcher in multi-player mode, simply have one player hit him, then run around. He will catch up, but not hit you. Then have the second player hit him. Repeat this until he is dead.

Defeating Bosses
A good method to defeat some Bosses is to make them follow you. Run to a fence that you can shoot through. Then, use a bow or get a spell ready and fire away.

Saving items
Since the Town Portal Spell always opens at the same location, leave a few more scrolls of Town Portal nearby. Since they will not be "stolen" (disappear) when you return to the dungeon, you will always have one with you when you return to Hell (if you remember to take one or two before you go back through the portal). This trick can also be used with weapons, money, armor, and almost anything else. It is very useful when used with weapon and armor if you need room in your inventory, but are not sure if you should sell the item now. Also, doing this with money prevents you from losing some of it if you die on your next trip.

Get good items when starting
While playing the game, you will find magical and rare weapons and armors. When you decide to save the game, save the game and save the character. This way, if you decide to start a new game, your new character can have great protection, provided he/she has the proper attributes. Just start a two player game with one "new" character and one saved character. Have the saved character unload everyhting he/she has onto the ground. You may have to move the "giving" character a few steps away, since you can only drop a limited number of items in one location. After dropping everything, have the "new" character pick up everything. Save the "new" character and quit the game. If you sell the items later on, and you want it back, just repeat this tactic to regain the objects.

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