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Nov. 03, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005

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Duplicate items
Drop a item on the ground. Then walk away a bit. Then click the object and just before the character picks it up, Left Click something in your belt and it will turn into the same object as the one on the ground. It?s a bit tricky to click on the belt item so keep on trying until it works. Remember, Left-Click! Anyways, drop any item on the ground, and right click on anything in your inventory as you pick it up to duplicate the item you're picking up. i click on $1, so that you only lose $1 when you do the trick. btw, you can duplicate piles of $5000, heh heh.

Duplicate items (another method)
Go into the dungeon drop the item on the ground then leave the dungeon. After you are outside Atl+Tab out of the game. Copy the single_0.sv file to another directory. Go back into the game. Walk back down into the dungeon and pick up your things, now walk back upstairs. Alt+Tab out of the game again and copy the single_0.sv file from the other directory back into the Diablo directory and go back into the game. when you walk down into the dungeon your stuff is laying on the floor. You can't leave duplicates it will erase one of them.

What are the maximum base character attributes?
Warrior: Strength 250, Dexterity 60, Magic 50, Vitality 100
Rogue: Strength 55, Dexterity 250, Magic 70, Vitality 80
Sorcerer: Strength 45, Dexterity 85, Magic 250, Vitality 80

See what sellers have
Have you ever wanted something so bad but couldn't get it? Like a book of stone curse? Go up to anybody who sells you stuff (not Wirt) and see what they have. If you want something they don't have save the game right in front of them. Then load the game and see what they have. I'm not sure if it works with Griswold or Pepin but I'm 100% sure it works with Adria.

Buy any magic book easily
Go to Adria's hut and buy whatever magic item that you desire. Save, and load the game again. Adria will have restocked her items. Note: The old items will no longer be there. Make sure you buy the item that you want the most when it appears before saving and reloading.

Cow comment
While in town you can find some cows near the upper bridge to Adria the witch's hut. Click on the cows and they should moo. Keep clicking on the cow and your character will eventually should say something similar to "Yes, that is a cow".

Start stronger
After starting a new or saved game play until your character gets to a level status that you want. Save the game and click "New game" Click on your character, then click "OK". When the screen appears again, do not click on "Load Game". Instead, click on "New game" to start with all your stats and items intact from the previous game.

Customize hot key messages
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "diablo.ini" file in the game folder. It contains the hot key messages that can be changed.

Defeating Zhar The Mad
Walk towards a corner. He will follow and appear in front of you. Trap him in the corner. Hit him every time he appears, since he will be still trapped in the corner. If done correctly, you should not use any energy.

Defeating the Butcher
First, meet up with him in his room. Then, lead him to one of the walls that look like cage walls. Go on the other side of the wall and close the door behind you. Shoot him with a bow or use magic. Since he cannot open doors, he will just stand there. Just keep shooting him until he is defeated. Find the Butcher. Open his door and run away from him. He should follow you. Lead him to a staircase and run around it, but stay close to it. He should follow you in circles around the it. Eventually, after about thirty seconds to a minute, he should get stuck in the staircase. From there, shoot him with magic or a bow. You should also be able to melee attack him. Note: He can get away from it if you go onto the side of the staircase that you need to be on if you were to enter it.

Defeating Diablo
Lure out the lesser monsters a few at a time and kill them. This reduces the number of enemies that come after you. When Diablo comes after you, get your back against a wall. He will not be able to knock you back and you can keep hitting him.

Killing groups of monsters
Get the Fire Wall spell from the Adrea the witch. Make two walls of fire wall, side by side. Run away in the opposite direction of the monsters. If positioned correctly, they will run through the fire walls and be killed.

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