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Nov. 29, 2006
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Fight as Gaia
Press [Down], [Down/Left], [Left], "Square "(weak slash) at the title screen, as the words slide from the sides onto the screen. The word "fight" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. From the character select screen, hold [Up] on Eiji and press any attack button. Gaia may now be played.

Fight as Sho
Enter the Gaia code, and allow the game to go into demonstration mode. Press [Start] on controller two to return to the title screen. As the words appear, press [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left] + [Square] (weak slash) on controller two. The word "fight" will be spoken and the screen text will turn blue to confirm correct code entry. From the character select screen, push [Down] + [Square] on Kayin.

Alternate characters
Press [Select] after highlighting a fighter on the character selection screen.

Instant secret moves
Entering the codes to play as Gaia and Sho. Wait through the demonstration mode until the title screen appears. As the words appear, press [Down/Left] + "WeakKick" on controller one. The word "fantastic" will be spoken and the screen text will turn white. To execute the secret moves, change the control type to use [L1], [L2], [R1], and [R2] as special buttons (A3 and A4). Note that this only can be done on the easy or very easy difficulty levels. Press [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Select] during a fight to unleash the character's secret moves.

Instant desperation moves
Choose a controller configuration (such as A4) that sets all four buttons as special attacks. Whenever your character's energy gauge is flashing, hitting all four top buttons together will execute the character's desperation move.

Configure controls under any difficulty
Enter the instant secret move code and wait for demonstration mode to start. Press [Start] to display the title screen. As the words appear, press [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left] + [Square] (weak slash) on controller two. The word "fantastic" will be spoken and the screen text will turn yellow to confirm correct code entry. The control configuration may now be changed on any difficulty level.

Camera options
Select a control type (such as A2) that does not use any of the shoulder buttons. A camera option labeled "Your Self" will now be available. Return to the control type selection and choose A5-G5. [L1], [L2], [R1], and [R2] will now control the camera angles during game play.

Pause the game. Press [X] + [Triangle] + [Circle] + [Square] + [Select]. The options menu will disappear, but the camera angles may still be controlled. Press [X] + [Triangle] + [Circle] + [Square] + [Select] again. The power bars and scores will disappear. Press [L1], [L2], [R1], or [R2] to scroll and zoom.

Set both controller types to "Camera" and remove the power bars using the previous code. While the game remains paused, hold [L2] on controller two until the floor disappears. Then, use controller one to resume game play.

Press [Select] on controller two to advance frame by frame. Set the controller two type to "Camera" to allow it to change camera angles, while using controller one to zoom.

Controller two can be used to set the camera angle to view the fight from below ground level. The floor will be invisible. This particular camera angle can only be set while the game is paused. Press [Start] to continue playing using this unique view.

Press [X] + [Triangle] + [Circle] + [Square] + [Select] to re-display the options menu; or press [Start] to play without the energy gauges and scores.
Fighting Sho
To fight Sho, the true last boss of the game, finish the game without using a continue on normal difficulty or harder. Sho has Kayin's, Eiji's, and additional moves. The game's real endings will appear after Sho is defeated.

Fighting Gaia
When the game is finished on a difficulty below NORMAL, Gaia must be defeated. If Gaia is beaten, a "desperation" move will be received. If the game is finished on a difficulty of normal or harder, and Sho is reached by not using any continues and beaten, a secret move will be received. Continues may be used while fighting against Sho.

Change music
Pause game play then switch the game CD with an audio CD of your choice. The new music will be played when the game is resumed.

Glitch: Die and win
Get close enough to the edge of the Arena and throw your opponent off the edge. If done correctly, your fighter will fall off during his or her finishing stance and still win the battle.

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