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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Go to SPECIAL / CHEATS and enter the codes from the list:

TWNTNDN - Spiderman2099 costume
RUSTCRST - Invulnerable
PLKSPIDR - Simbiote costume

Go to SPECIAL / CHEATS and enter the codes from the list:

FUNKYTWN - Toon Spidey
STICKMAN - Stick Spidey
CLUBNOIR - Ben Reilly Costume
ADMNTIUM - invulnerable
UATUSEES - What If Contest
RGSGLLRY - Character Viewer
CINEMA - Movie Viewer
FANBOY - Comic Collection
MME WEB - Level Select
KIRBYFAN - Game Comic Covers
ROBRTSON - Storyboard Viewer
SM LVIII - Quick Change Costume
MRWATSON - Peter Parker Costume
KICK ME - Amazing Bag Man Costume
XILRTRNS - Scarlet Spider Costume
SYNOPTIC - Spidey Unlimited Costume
TRISNTNL - Captain Universe Costume
MIGUELOH - spidey 2099 costume
SECRTWAR - symbiote spidey costume
RULUR - J James Jewett
EGOTRIP - pulsating head
GLANDS - unlimited webbing
LEANEST - everything
WEAKNESS - full health

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