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Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Master code
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "TRUBLEVR" as a code to unlock all cheats.

Level select
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "LVLSKIPPER" as a code to unlock the level select option on the specials menu. Note: You cannot unlock any new costumes when this code is enabled.

Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "TURTLE" as a code.

Unlimited webbing
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "STICKYSTUF" as a code.

All gallery characters
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "WHOSINTGM" as a code.

All game covers
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "COV VEIW" as a code.

Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "SMESTORY" as a code.

Spidey 2099 costume
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "SPTWOKNN" as a code. This costume allows Spider-Man to do double damage. Alternately, collect all comics in the game.

Spidey Unlimited costume
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "LIMITED ED" as a code. This costume allows Spider-Man to have stealth mode. Alternately, successfully complete the game twice in a row under the same difficulty setting and using the same costume.

Successfully complete the game once under any difficulty, then go to the level selection screen. Choose the "Spidey vs. Monster Ock" level and complete it. You will then unlock the Spidey Unlimited costume without completing the entire game two times.

Peter Parker costume
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "MISTERMJ" as a code. Note: This costume only allows two webbring cartridges.

In the Item Hunt mode in training, get all the items on the top level to get to the bottom. Once on the bottom, go under the "#4" side and you should see a "?". Go through it and get the golden spider to unlock the costume.

Ben Reilly costume
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "DA CLONE" as a code. Alternately, successfully complete level 4-2.

Quick Change Spidey costume
Select "Specials" at the main menu, then select "Cheats". Enter "GTATNKFST" as a code. Note: This costume only allows two webbring cartridges. Alternately, get more than 10,000 points in Zip-Line training.
Saving unlocked costumes
When you unlock a costume (without using cheat codes), go to the main menu and select "Controller Pak", then choose "Save Game Data". If this is not done, the costumes will not be saved. This will not work when the costumes are unlocked using cheat codes.

Defeating Carnage under the hard difficulty setting
Web-jerk him into the sonic field immediately, and keep webbing him until he dies out. Do this as Symbiote Spider-Man or Captain Universe, as they have unlimited webbing.

When you start out, simply select impact webbing. He is already targeted, so it will hit him plus he will not be able to attack. Do not release the buttons until his meter runs out, which takes awhile. After his meter runs out, you will have to stop the impact webbing attack. He will probably come after you, but a couple of punches should take care of him.

Hint Defeating Scorpion
When fighting Scorpion under the hard difficulty setting, fight him as much as possible until JJJ runs into the other room. If you attack Scorpion and quickly run back into the other room, he will not go after Spidey. Use the "Web Ball" attack with Symbiote Spidey or Captain Universe, as they have unlimited webbing.

When you are fighting Scorpion for the first time, just sling him with your web, then punch or kick him one or two times. Then, jump away and you will also throw furniture at him.

Strangle enemy
Continue shooting web strings and eventually your opponent will die.

Bugles Basement: Hidden room
Towards the end of the level, directly behind the last generator you have to destroy, is a hidden room. You can just walk straight through the wall. There are two normal web cartridges and one magnesium located there.

Building Top Chase: Find the Green Goblin's hideout
On the level, you will pass one crane. You will see the second crane off in the distance with a large hook attached. Swing out to that crane. On the top is an exposed hatch. Drop in to find the Green Goblin's hideout and some Spidey Armor.

Stopping The Fog level: Spidey Armor
There is Spidey Armor in the upper portion of the center column . You can see it in the introduction sequence at the beginning of the level.

Zip-Line Training: Electrified Spider-Man
Enable the "Invincibility" code then start "Zip-Line Training" in training mode. Intentionally drop down to the floor. You will not die. Zip back up to the ceiling. Spider-Man should now have an electrical aura around him has crawls on the ceiling and falls.

Extra web cartridge capacity
Use the following trick to get nine web cartridges in the Peter Parker or Quick-Change Spider-Man costumes. Start a game in either of those costumes in "Kid mode." Since this costume only allows two cartridges to be carried, you will start out with only that number. Die immediately by jumping down a cliff in the first level. Choose to restart, and you should resume with nine cartridges as you are supposed to in "Kid mode". Note: After you die, you cannot collect anymore cartridges until you get down to one cartridge.

Lose less webbing
Start a game with the "Unlimited webbing" code enabled. Get to an area where you are allowed to save to a controller pack (such as after a boss or a major battle). Turn off the power. Continue the game without enabling the code. You should retain unlimited webbing for awhile, but then start to lose very little webbing. For example, when using a "Web Dome" will only use up about one eighth of your current web cartridge, instead of about seven eighths of it.

If you run out of fire webbing to fight the Symbiotes in the warehouse level, there are two types of boxes that you can pick up that are flammable. They are large and are scattered throughout the level. Use these to instantly kill your enemies.

Censored codes
Enter an obscene word as a code. Spider-Man will appear in one of his costumes, punch the code, and another word will appear.

Easy enemy kills
Thug: If you have enough web fluid, just web trap him until he is down and he will disappear. You can also just web yank them into a wall, impact web them off a building, or grapple them and punch them until they are gone.

Bank Thug: Same strategy as for Thug.

Police and Swat: Do not bother fighting them, just keep moving.

Police Helicopter: When you see the target, move. The easiest way to get out of the way is to jump towards the nearest building and web swing over. You cannot destroy the helicopters.

Lizard Men: Strategies vary, depending on where you are. If facing multiple men in a tunnel, web yank one to you and finish him off with your fist one at a time. If one is near water, web yank or impact web him into it. If one is on a pipe above a pit, impact web him or yank him in.

Symbiotes: First, destroy the generators. If alone (without fire webbing) jump and hit punch or kick to hit him from above, then hit with a 1, 2, 3 combo and repeat. If near a furnace, knock him into it to set him on fire. If you have fire webbing, impact web him or web trap him until he catches fire. When in the warehouse, pick up a can or box that is labeled flammable and throw it at them. If you are low on energy and on the subway or fighting a large group of symbiotes, constantly create web-domes until they are all gone, or the sub stops.

Any enemy can be grabbed and punched or kicked except the Bosses. Often the grab maneuver followed by a punch or kick will do the job. Most often the punch is more effective because you can perform it as many times as needed to successfully kill the enemy. Note: This tactic does not work as well on the pink Symbiotes. They can sometimes throw you over their back.

Unlock the enhanced strength costumes, then use the web gloves to kill enemies easier: thugs (1), henchmen (1 or 2), lizardmen (1 or 3), and symbiotes (3)
Homing punch/kick
When facing an opponent, jump and press [Punch] or [Kick] buttons while in the air. Spider-Man will fly through the air and hit the opponent.

Glitch: Floating web dome
Go to a level where the ground shakes and use web dome. When the ground shakes again the dome will be suspended in mid-air, and stay there even if you break it.

through safe
After destroying both cops in front of the television, jump to the roof and sneak past the guard that appears. Kill the robbers, pick up the bomb and throw it to the back of the safe. Before shutting the doors, aim and hit the guard that you went past with just a little web. As he runs at you, run to the back of the safe. Face the guard, and as soon as he approaches you, jump over him and shut the safe. He will stay in the safe until the scene almost cuts away. He will pass through the safe's door and start hurting you.

Glitch: Bank level: Get stuck
Note: This is best done with as Captain Universe Spider-Man. In the bank, on level 1 go to the location where you find the first hostage. Kill all the thugs, then go to the second cubicle. Zip up and go to the top right corner (looking from the glass), then fall. If done correctly, some of Spider-Man will be in the cubicle. Walk in the cubicle and you will momentarily see darkness. Eventually, you will reappear but become stuck, and eventually die.

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