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Nov. 25, 2005

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Primary Collection of Cheats
Extrem X
At the Character Select Highlite X and Press & Hold DOWN and hit the Space Bar or hold DOWN and hit F button. X will teleport onto the Intro stage in a purple shade on his legs and arms (More Pruple towards the top of his legs and arms). After completing the Intro stage go to Web Spider's stage and get your Leg Enhancments. Instead of JUST the Leg Enhancement you get EVERYTHING only 4X stronger and a diffrent color. You also get Unlimited Use of the Powerful "Nova Strike".

Dark Zero
Nothing Special about him but it's A LOT more fun going through the Game with Zero in his Spy Armor. At the Char Select screen Press and hold UP and hit the space bar or hold UP and hit F button. Zero will Teleport onto the Intro stage wearing his Black Spy Armor.

Ultimate X Armor
Highlight X at the title screen, then hold UP and press C. After you pass the introduction level, go to the "Web Spider" level. Find the capsule to get the Ultimate X Armor instead of the boots.
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Capsule locations
Armor capsule - Go to Magma Dragoon level and proceed until reaching the part of Volcano Area 2 where you have the armor. Get into it and dash jump towards the platform. Get on to the platform, then charge twin slasher to full power and destroy the blocks in front of you. Pass through and get the armor upgrade.

Helmet capsule - Go to the Cyber Peacock level and get a S rank on the third stretch with the yellow balls that drains your energy. This is difficult to accomplish, but possible.

Leg capsule - Go to the Web Spider level and proceed to the part with the waterfalls. When you drop down to the section below the part with the spike spinning on the platform, just go through the gap on the right side wall opposite to the hole.

Arm capsule - Go to Storm Owl Area 2 with all the laser cannons. Get to the section with the hole in the ceiling, with spikes on the floor and each side of the wall. Use the lightning web weapon to jump onto the platform. Above it are two capsules. One allows your fire four shots in a row and the other allows you to fire a plasma bolt. The best choice is the plasma bolt, as it keeps hitting the enemy after the first hit.

Ultimate capsule - Begin game play as Dark X. Go to the Web Spider level and proceed to where the leg capsule was located. Instead, you will receive the ultimate armor. This allows unlimited nova strike, unlimited none charged special weapons, hover in midair, and the ability to shoot plasma bolts.

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