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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Megaman X's Ultimate armor
Highlight Megaman X at the player selection screen. Press [B]x2, [Left]x6, then hold [L] + [R] and press [Start]. Enter a special armor capsule to receive the new armor.

Zero's black armor
Highlight Zero at the player selection screen. Hold [R] and press [Right]x6. Release all buttons, then hold [B] and press [Start].
Capsule locations
Armor capsule
Go to Magma Dragoon level and proceed until reaching the part of Volcano Area 2 where you have the armor. Get into it and dash jump towards the platform. Get on to the platform, then charge twin slasher to full power and destroy the blocks in front of you. Pass through and get the armor upgrade.

Helmet capsule
Go to the Cyber Peacock level and get a S rank on the third stretch with the yellow balls that drains your energy. This is difficult to accomplish, but possible.

Leg capsule
Go to the Web Spider level and proceed to the part with the waterfalls. When you drop down to the section below the part with the spike spinning on the platform, just go through the gap on the right side wall opposite to the hole.

Arm capsule
Go to Storm Owl Area 2 with all the laser cannons. Get to the section with the hole in the ceiling, with spikes on the floor and each side of the wall. Use the lightning web weapon to jump onto the platform. Above it are two capsules. One allows your fire four shots in a row and the other allows you to fire a plasma bolt. The best choice is the plasma bolt, as it keeps hitting the enemy after the first hit.

Ultimate capsule
Begin game play as Dark X. Go to the Web Spider level and proceed to where the leg capsule was located. Instead, you will receive the ultimate armor. This allows unlimited nova strike, unlimited none charged special weapons, hover in midair, and the ability to shoot plasma bolts.
Heart locations
First Heart: There are some trees that you can burn in the second stage of the Webspider stage. Go to where the full-healing item is, just before you fight Webspider. It is right next to a tree. Use Rising Fire (touching the tree) or Zero's thing. It will burn down.

Second Heart: Go to the Peacock stage. Get an "S" for the second (Zero) course, or the first (X). Note: You can destroy the yellow balls with X's Soul Body, and zero's Spinning Saber attack (split mushroom attacks).

Third Heart: Go to the Owl stage, where you can get onto the machine. Make sure the first laser beam does not destroy the platform; the third Heart is located there.

Fourth Heart: Go to the Magma Dragoon stage, second level. There are machines there that look like your suit. The first one is at the part where the fire balls start to come down. Go up to the highest grounds (directly above it). Dash-jump to the left to find a Heart there; or jump twice with Zero or float with X to the left.

Fifth Heart: You will see it on the Mushroom stage. You can get it, even though the drilling things drill the thing down. Go and slide down the small wall, and dash-jump (or jump twice), or web thing with X.

Sixth Heart: Go to the Sting Ray stage. You will see the Heart on the bottom part of two platforms. Do not jump.

Seventh Heart: Go to the Slash Beast stage. Go to the part when you get in the suit. Note: You can destroy the metal boxes and the cargo platforms with your machine. Destroy the second platform to find the heart
W Tank
Go to Snow Base area 2. Destroy all of the ice blocks until you reach a platform that leads you left or right. Go left and destroy the ice blocks. You will eventually find the W tank.

Defeating the Bosses
Each Boss have a weakness related to their own weapons.
Dragoon: Owl's weapon
Owl: Cyberpeacock's weapon
Cyberpeacock: Mushroom's weapon
Spider: Beast's weapon
Ray: Walrus' weapon
Walrus: Dragoon's weapon
Mushroom: Spider's weapon
Sigma In Ghost Robe: Dragoon's weapon
Sigma Out Of Robe: Spider's weapon
Defeating the Spider Boss
When you get to the Spider Boss, dash slide away to dodge his webs, then jump over it.

Defeating the General
Use the twin slashers (Slash Beast weapon) to defeat him.

Defeating the Colonel
Use the ice attack with Zero, not on top of him, but directly next to him. It does the most damage.

Defeating Double
When you reach Double, use the Double Cyclone.

Defeating Magma Dragoon
When you get the armor suit at area 2, get in and continue normally. When you get to the part where you have to jump higher than the suit allows, do not get out. Instead, go in the lava and move forward as quickly as possible, breaking the box things in front of you. You will begin the battle with Magma Dragoon in the suit. Attack him until the suit explodes. By this time, his life should be low. Then, finish him off.

Defeating Sigma
The easiest way to defeat Sigma's first form (phantom) is to use the fire attack. Note: There is a pattern to his attacks in this form. After you hit him two times with the fire, he will attack you with a attack unblockable or dodgeable on ground. After you hit him two times, jump on the wall to the top of it then repeat.

The easiest way to defeat Sigma's second form with X is the lightning web. With Zero, use the Giga Attack. The easiest way to kill him is to avoid him using the four miniature boomerang attacks on you. To do this, you must know his pattern.

The easiest way to defeat the Sigma's third form with X is to use the Soul Body on the large one (with the gun). Use the Jet Stingray attacks on the big head. To avoid the large head's attack, go close to the wall opposite of him when he appears. He will either suck you in or blow you to spikes. If spikes appear, dash quickly and keep dashing. Then, change your weapon to the Jet Stingray and get him. If he sucks you in, destroy the red head and dash up to the top of the wall (opposite to him). When he blows the crumbled things out, he will not hit you. Note: When the large one says "The end", jump on the "Power Ranger" heads to the left.

The easiest way to defeat Sigma's third form with Zero is to kill the large one with the gun, then destroy the red head below him. Next, use the fire attack on him outside of his range. To kill the head, do the same as X's strategy to avoid his attacks, but use the multiple combo technique (as described in the "Defeating Slash Beast" hint) to kill him. .

Defeating Slash Beast
First, defeat the Stingray and use his weapon in the battle. Shoot him once, then jump over him, turn, and fire again. Repeat this until he goes down.

In order to kill Slash Beast as zero, use this multiple combo technique. Rapidly press [Forward] while rapidly pressing [Saber] at the same time. You will only do the first two hits of Zero's full attack, but the Slash Beast is effected even if he is flashing with the first two hits of Zero's attack. That will lower his health quickly.

Defeating Web Spider
As Zero, use Ryuenjin after if you have Kuuenbu jump and slash him for an extra hit.

To make the Web Spider fall down, use the Twin Slasher weapon on his web that is supporting him. Make sure that both of them hits it. He will fall down and be wide open for an attack.

Flying boots, body armor, Nova Strike upgrades
If you are Dark Mega Man, get the upgrade on the Web Spider's stage and you will get the flying boots, body armor and Nova Strike (a very powerful blast).

Frost Walrus stage: Easy heart
An easy way to get the heart is to shoot upwards with the Magma Dragoon Flame Upwards ability.

Zero's power attack
After gaining the Fire attack for Zero, just attack as you normally would except tap his slash attack two times and on the third time use his Fire attack.

Zero's combos
When you have Raijingeki, Ryuenjin, Hyouretsuzan and Shippuuga you can use this combo. First, slash once then use Raijingeki. After that use Shippuuga (Must Dash) then use Ryuenjin. Then, finish off with Hyouretsuzan. Note : This combo is only slightly effective on Boss but does lot more against an army of enemies.

After you have the Raijingeki, slash once and as soon as the slash ends, use Raijingeki for a very powerful combo.

Chill Penguin appearance
Go to Frost Walrus' stage and proceed to the mid-Boss. You will see Chill Penguin frozen in an ice cube. Also, If you look closely in the background, you will see that the wall was broken. This is the exact stage in Mega Man X for Chill Penguin.

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