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Aug. 03, 2012
Nov. 29, 2006
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Ending bonuses
Successfully complete the game as Jill or Chris and save the game. A new background will appear on the main menu. Select the "Once Again" option when playing your completed saved game. You may now choose new difficulty settings for the replay. You will also get a key that will allow the character that completed the game to have a new costume. Enter the room with the large mirror on the second floor of the mansion. Unlock the door in the back. Enter the closet and move all the way to the end of the rack of clothes. A message asking "There is an outfit that fits you perfectly, do you want to put it on?" will appear. Select "Yes" to change your character's clothes. Complete the game again under a different difficulty setting to unlock a second costume. Jill's bonus costumes are a commando uniform and her costume from Resident Evil 3 . Chris' bonus costumes are casual clothes and his costume from Resident Evil: Code Veronica .

Successfully complete the game as Jill or Chris in once again mode under the normal difficulty setting with a time less than five hours. Save the game at the end, then start a new game to begin with the Samurai Edge gun.

Successfully complete the game as Jill or Chris with a time less than three hours. Save the game at the end, then start a new game to begin with the Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammunition.

Successfully complete the game in once again mode under the normal difficulty setting with a time less than five hours and thirty minutes. This unlocks the "Real Survivor" option (item boxes do not transfer items to each other) and bonus costumes. Additionally, the aiming system will be manual.

Successfully complete the game two times as Jill or Chris to unlock the "Invisible Enemy" option. All enemies will be transparent in this mode.

Successfully complete the game as both Jill and Chris one time to unlock the "One Dangerous Zombie" option. When this option is enabled, a special zombie will keep following you around during the first part of the game. Shooting this zombie will end the game, so you must avoid it during game play.

Successfully complete the game in invisible enemy mode with a time less than five hours to unlock a "Special Features" option that displays a message from the game developers and a gallery of pre-production costumes.
Alternate Jill scenes
When the game puts you and Barry in the dining room, wait until Barry sees the blood, then run back to the hall where Wesker is located. Wesker will tell you to " Investigate shots if heard". You will then be put back in the dining room. Try to go back in the hall and Barry will say "Cold feet already Jill? That's not like you.". When you try to walk to Barry, a alternate beginning sequence will appear.

There is a different arrangement of scenes that happens from the usual when you start a new game as Jill. After the "Cold feet" comment as described above, you will resume control of Jill. Go up to the fireplace where Barry is located. The game go through as normal saying, "'It's blood, let's hope it's not Chris'. Investigate the room for clues while I look at this." Have Jill go by the left side of the dining table (towards the clock) and a new intermission sequence will start.
Perspective, from side door
(Door knob turns)
Jill - "Who's there?"
(Door slams open and a zombie comes through and sees Jill.)
(Jill backs away as the zombie follows her,)
Barry - "Hey you! Get away from Jill!" "This guy is crazy!"
(Barry takes two shots and kills the zombie.)
Barry - "What the hell is this thing?" (This is Jill's line when it is done the normal way)
In the original PlayStation version of the game, this trick would make you able to take down zombies in three gunshots, but apparently it will not in the Gamecube version.

Jill upskirt
Unlock Jill's third costume (miniskirt). Get in the hall that has the door to the costume closet. Go to the end of the hall to retrieve the dagger, then go back. As always, you will run into one zombie that startles Jill and causes her to fall. However, the view with this costume allows you to see up her skirt.

Quicker bonus costumes
To gain the bonus costumes for Jill or Chris faster, you must have two free game save spaces. First, start a file and immediately before you go to the helipad on top of the lab, save the game and complete it. When the game asks if you want to save the game, save it on a different file. The save will read as "Clear". Replay the file you saved before the end of the game and complete it again. Save over the file that reads "Clear". Repeat this step again and save over "Clear" a third time. After that, load the "Clear" file and start a game in once again mode. Find the closet room, and you will be able to use all three costumes.

Incinerating Zombies
There are two ways to incinerate (burn) Zombies. If you have the lighter (one of Chris's initial items or found by Jill throughout the course of the game), and a fuel tank with some kerosene, you may burn Zombies that you have killed. If the Zombies have already turned into Crimsons (if they are all red or if you have killed them thirty minutes to one hour ago), then you cannot burn them. Another way to incinerate Zombies is to use the Incendiary rounds for the Grenade Launcher (Jill only). If you encounter a Zombie, shoot it with an incendiary round to immediately burn it to a crisp. If you have killed the Zombie by other means and it is already dead, you can still use the incendiary rounds to burn it.

Trapped Zombie
In the room with the first floor map, if you killed the Zombie back in the alcove, when he mutates he will be trapped behind the piece of furniture.

Prevent Crimson Head creation
If a head shot is too difficult, try aiming down at the zombie's feet. If you blow off the zombie's leg, it will not be able to return as a Crimson Head and will disappear as soon as you reenter the room.

Zombie vomit
When on a screen with stairs (no matter how few), lead the zombie towards and onto the steps to avoid being bitten. They will just vomit in your direction instead. This is a good way to conserve ammunition, since the vomit can be easily avoided. Just walk past the zombies while avoiding any incoming vomit.

Skipping the Black Tiger fight
Before you enter the room with the Black Tiger spider, grab the knife you already have in your inventory or the flame thrower (Chris only). Enter the room with the knife equipped. As soon as you can move your character, run to the web covered door and take a swing. Do not stand still for long or you will be attacked by the spiders. It may take awhile and many attempts, but you will save ammunition.

Defeating Crimson Heads
All Crimson Heads are right handed. If you stay to their left, they will never get you. This saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to always cook Zombie bodies.

Use the "Unlimited grenade ammunition" glitch with Acid rounds. Acid rounds will take down Crimson Heads in one hit.

Defeating Crimson Head Elder (Sir Trevor)
Three blasts from the grenade launcher or six from the shotgun will kill him.

Take one self defense grenade with you. Let him grab you. If you have the grenade equipped, you will shove it in his mouth. It will then blow his head off as any other zombie. This will save ammunition and time.

Defeating Lisa Trevor
In the first encounter, you can choose to not fight her as she can kill you in three hits. If you choose to fight, use the shotgun. In the final encounter, push all of the rocks off the cliff. If she approaches you, run away.

Defeating Neptune
Use the self-defense gun to kill Neptune with one shot.

When you have drained the water and are about to get the Gallery Key, Neptune will start to get a bit rowdy and you will have to kill him. Instead of wasting precious ammunition, push the electrical box into the water. Neptune will not do anything. Then, walk to the generator and pull the lever. Neptune should get electrocuted and die. Get the Gallery Key that is next to him and leave the area.

Defeating the Snake
Use the grenade launcher with any type of shells. Otherwise, use the shotgun.

Getting past the Snake
When you get in the room with the Snake, run to the back of the room, pick up the mask, and run back to the door that you just came through.

Get the shotgun early
Instead of switching the broken shotgun with it, just take the shotgun off the painting and leave the room. The ceiling will start to fall. Quickly try to open the door across from you, then try to open the door leading to the shotgun room. An intermission sequence should start, where Barry shoots down the door to rescue you. Note: This trick only works If you have not picked up the Armor key yet.

Avoid fighting Tyrant the second time
If you do not rescue either Barry or Rebecca (depending on which character you are playing), you do not have to fight the Tyrant the second time on the helicopter landing zone. To do this, either allow Lisa Trevor to knock Barry down the cliff while fighting the final battle, or do not rescue Rebecca when you hear her scream in the Spencer Emblem room. When you get to the helicopter landing zone, you will simply be picked up immediately after you set off the flares.

Defeating enemies
Cerebreus: If in groups, use the shotgun and take them all out at one time.

Crimsom Heads: Use the same tactics as zombies, except if they charge at you, duck in a door.

Hunter: One acid shell to the face. Wait until they are right on you and fire.

Sharks, Snakes, Birds, Bees: Ignore them

Spiders: Use six shots of the pistol.

Zombie: Use the magnum for an 80% chance of deception. Otherwise, use the pistol or shotgun.

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