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Hidden trailer
Insert the bonus features disc, select the "More" option at the main menu, then select the "Trailers & TV Spots" option on the next menu. Press [Left] to highlight the bird emblem, then press [Enter] to view a trailer from Chicken Run.

Production credits
Insert the bonus features disc. Advance to the last screen of Ridley Scott's biography. Press [Right] to enter another screen with more names and a thank you message.

Deleted scene bonus
Insert the bonus features disc, select the "Original Storyboards" option at the main menu, then select the "More" option on the next menu. Select the Rhino Fight deleted sequence, then highlight the rhino on the center of the first story board and press [Enter].

Gladiator Sequel? (extended edition only)
Insert the second disc and from the "Main Menu" select the "Chapters" menu entry. On the following menu screen select the "Credits" menu entry and watch the entire segment. Do not fast-forward or skip it. Once it has completed and you're back on the menu screen, highlight the "Credits" menu entry and then press the [Right] arrow key on your remote control. Now the coin in the lower right hand corner of the screen will be highlighted. Press [Enter] now and you will have the chance to see a 5-minute featurette of the filmmakers discussing plans for the movie's sequel, "Gladiator II".

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