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Racing StripesCheats2005-06-04
Rage Against the MachineCheats2004-02-01
Raging BullCheats2004-05-07
Rainbow - My Mate ZippyCheats2004-08-18
Raise Your VoiceCheats2006-07-05
Raising ArizonaCheats2004-04-13
Raising HeroesCheats2004-10-20
Rambo 3Cheats2004-02-13
Rambo: First Blood Part 2Cheats2004-02-22
Rammstein: Live Aus BerlinCheats2004-07-05
Ramones RawCheats2006-07-05
Rare BirdsCheats2004-02-13
Rated XCheats2004-09-20
Rat RaceCheat Codes, Goofs2004-02-10
Red DawnCheats2006-09-15
Red DragonCheats2004-02-23
Red Dwarf: Series 1Cheats2004-01-03
Red Dwarf: Series 2Cheats2004-03-07
Red Dwarf: Series 3Cheats2004-06-02
Red Dwarf: Series 4Cheats2004-03-14
Red Dwarf: Series 5Cheats2006-09-15
Red Dwarf: Series 6Cheats2006-09-15
Red PlanetCheats2004-01-17
Red vs. Blue: Season 1Cheats2004-01-13
Red vs. Blue: Season 2Cheats2004-06-15
Red vs. Blue: Season 3Cheats2006-10-01
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