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Aug. 19, 2011
Apr. 11, 2009
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Cheat Mode
Enter the following codes while playing (without pausing the game):

[L], [L], [R], [A], [A], [B], [B], [R] - Health.
[L], [R], [X], [Y], [A], [B], [Up], [Down] - Explosive eagle.
[R], [X], [X], [Y], [Y], [R], [L], [L] - Decrease wanted level.
[L], [L], [R], [Y], [Y], [X], [X], [R] - Increase wanted level.
[R], [Up], [B], [Down], [Left], [R], [B], [Right] - Weapon tier 1.
[R], [Up], [A], [Down], [Left], [R], [A], [Right] - Weapon tier 2.
[R], [Up], [Y], [Down], [Left], [R], [Y], [Right] - Weapon tier 3.
[R], [Up], [X], [Down], [Left], [R], [X], [Right] - Weapon tier 4.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [X], [Y], [L], [R] - Cloudy weather.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [B], [Y], [R], [L] - Hurricane weather.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Y], [A], [L], [R] - Rainy weather.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [A], [X], [R], [L] - Thunderstorm weather.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [A], [B], [L], [R] - Sunny weather.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [B], [X], [L], [R] - Extra sunny weather.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Y], [B], [R], [L] - Foggy weather.
Unlock Trophies
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy at your apartment:

Silver Safe - Make a $2,000 profit.
Platinum Syringe - Purchase heroin.
Golden Binoculars - Discover 40 drug dealers.
Diamond Pillbox - Unlocked by selling hallucinogens.
Jeweled Bong - Unlocked by selling depressants.
Wooden Spoon - Achieve a loss of $500.

Better Body Armor
Complete all five Vigilante mission levels with a 100% kill rate.

Unlimited Sprint
Complete all five Paramedic mission levels.

Immunity to fire
Complete the Firefighter missions with a "Gold" rank.

Regenerating health
Successfully complete both noodle delivery missions with a "Gold" rank.

Bulletproof taxis
Drop off fifteen consecutive passengers without the timer running out. All taxis that you enter will be bulletproof.

Upgraded delivery bag
Successfully complete both mail courier missions with a "Gold" rank.

Ammu-nation store discount
Earn gold medals on all weapons at the gun club.

Store Wars: Easy completion
To complete this mission easily, first get a police car and log onto the police computer. Search for an arson crime (fire making criminals). Do the Vigilante mission as usual, but when you kill the criminals pick up the flame-throwers. Start the "Store Wars" mission and quickly park two cars at each end so it makes it difficult for the vans to get past. Let the vans drive towards you (or you go towards them). Equip the flame thrower and hold [A] for two seconds. The vans will explode very quickly.

Super acceleration
Hold [A] + [Y] when at 0 mph. Release [Y] and your wheels will burnout and you will go fast.

Burning burnout
Get in a very fast car or a motorcycle. Hold [Y] + [B] then hold [Left] or [Righ]t to do a spinning burnout. Release [Y] + [B] for a speed boosted start with a wheelie. Your burning tire tracks can burn the people behind you.

Extinguish yourself faster
When you are on fire (for example, after touching a flaming car), blow into the microphone and you will go out almost instantly. It usually takes about two tries.

Go to the bottom right corner of the first island (where Mikhail Faustin's house is in Grand Theft Auto 4). Go all the way down to the bottom until reaching the last house, then go three houses to the right. Go into the back garden to find a Go-Kart. Note: If it does not appear, go to the front door and return and it will appear if you are at the correct house.

Wetscapade mini-game
There is a Wet Ski minigame called "Wetscapade" hidden beside a small dock between Lancet and Colony Island. Find the drug dealer near the water's edge in Lancet. From his position, start walking towards the water and you will practically fall onto the vehicle.

"Here Be Dragons!" message
Take a boat to any corner of the map to see the message "Here Be Dragons!" message on the ocean floor.

Avoid paying tolls
As you approach a toll booth on a bridge, press X to exit your car. If done correctly, car will glide through the booth. You can then get back in the car without paying the toll and not getting a wanted level.

Avoid hotwiring cars
After entering a car that requires a hotwire to be stolen, exit it. Reenter the car and it will be running and ready to be driven.

Unlock Xin Missions
First Unlock these items Diamond Pillbox, Golden Binoculars, Jeweled Bong, Jeweled Key to the City, Platinum Syringe, Silver Titanium Briefcase Wooden Spoon. Then find the 2 Lions of Fo hidden randomly within the City. After this register your game over at the RockStar Social Club and sync your Ds thru Wi-Fi. After a while you will recieve a Mission Email from Xin:

Deadly Xin - Collect 8 trophies, and 2 lions of Fo. Then Sync your stats with Rock Star.
Xin's of the Father - Complete the Mission Deadly Xin and have no wanted stars level.

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