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Oct. 29, 2010
May. 22, 2010
Mar. 30, 2010
Mar. 23, 2010
Nov. 10, 2009
Oct. 28, 2009
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Cheat Mode
Enter one of the following codes during game play while outside of a safehouse. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enabling codes may prevent trophies from becoming unlocked.

[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [X], [Square], [R1], [L1] - Hurricane.
[L1], [L1], [R1], [X], [X], [Circle], [Circle], [R1] - Armour.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Triangle], [Square], [L1], [R1] - Cloudy Weather.
[R1], [Triangel], [Triangle], [Square], [Square], [R], [L1], [L1] - Decrease Wanted.
[L1], [R1], [Triangle], [Square], [O], [X], [Up], [Down] - Explosive Eagle.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [X], [Triangle], [L1], [R1] - Extra Sunny Weather.
[Down], [Left], [Right], [Square], [X], [R1], [L1] - Foggy Weather.
[L1], [L1], [R1], [Circle], [Circle], [X], [X], [R1] - Health.
[L1], [L1], [R1], [Square], [Square], [Triangle], [Triangle], [R1] - Increase Wanted.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [O], [Triangle], [R1], [L1] - Lots of Rain.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Square], [O], [L1], [R1] - Rainy Weather.
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [O], [X], [L1], [R1] - Sunny Weather.
[R1], [Up], [X], [Down], [Left], [R1], [X], [Right] - Weapon Tier 1.
[R1], [Up], [Circle], [Down], [Left], [R1], [Circle], [Right] - Weapon Tier 2.
[R1], [Up], [Triangle], [Down], [Left], [R1], [Triangle], [Right] - Weapon Tier 4.
[R1], [Up], [Square], [Down], [Left], [R1], [Square], [Right] - Weapoon Tier 3.
Burning Burnout
Get in a very fast car or a motorcycle. Hold [Square] + [X] then hold [Left] or [Right] to do a spinning burnout. Release [Square] + [X] for a speed boosted start with a wheelie. Your burning tire tracks can burn the people behind you.

Extinguishing Yourself
When you are on fire (for example, after touching a flaming car), press [Square] to roll a few times to put out the flames.

Wetscapade Mini-game
Go to Algonquin Island, then to the docks between the Lancet district and Colony Island. The exact location is about 300 feet to the south of Algonquin Bridge. Go downstairs to find the Wet Ski and start the mini-game. Note: Press [R] while riding it to make sharper turns.

Kilroy Drawing
Drive a boat to Bohan Island, near the Northern Gardens district. From the island's head of land, drive straight out to find a "Kilroy" picture on the ocean.

Avoid Paying Tolls
As you approach a toll booth on a bridge, press exit your car while it is still rolling. If done correctly, car will glide through the booth. You can then get back in the car without paying the toll and not getting a wanted level.

Unlock Bonus Mission Rewards
Perform the actions below to unlock the desired Bonus Mission Rewards:

Ammunition Discount - Score gold medals on all weapons at the Gun-Club.
Bullet Proof Taxis - Complete 15 Taxi Fares in a row (in the same taxi).
Immune to Fire - Complete 5 waves of Fire Brigade missions.
Increased Body Armor - Complete 5 waves of Vigilante Missions with a 100% kill rate.
Infinite Sprint - Complete 5 Paramedic Missions.
Regenerating Health - Beat both Noodle Delivery Missions (with a Gold ranking).
Upgraded Delivery Bag - Beat both Mail Courier Missions (with a Gold ranking).

Unlock Trophies
You can unlock Trophies for the Trophy Shelf in your apartment by performing the actions detailed below:

Diamond Pillbox - Deal 30+ Downers.
Gold Medal - Attain a score of 10,000 or more for a weapon.
Golden Binoculars - Find 40 Drug Dealers.
Jeweled Bong - Deal 30+ in Weed.
Jeweled Key to the City - Own all 21 Safe Houses.
Platinum Syringe - Purchase 5+ Heroin.
Silver Safe - Make a $2, 000 profit on Drugs.
Silver Safe - Make a $2,000 profit.
Titanium Briefcase - Find all 80 dealers.
Wooden Spoon - Eat a loss of $500.

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