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Check out these Payday 2: Crimewave Edition cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Becoming Infamous (90) - Reach the first level of Infamy.
Big Bada Boom (15) - Kill at least four enemies with one GL40 grenade launcher shot.
Breaking Dead (15) - In the Bomb: Dockyard heist, find the meth lab.
Bullet Hell (15) - Kill 10 enemies within 10 seconds using the Buzzsaw 42 light machine gun.
But Wait, There's More! (15) - On any Armored Transport heist, find the plans that unlocks the Train heist.
Caribbean Pirate (15) - On day 2 of the Rats job, bring additional meth bags to the trade, but steal your payment instead.
Cat Burglar (15) - In the Diamond job, complete the heist without triggering the alarm.
Coming in Hot (15) - On day 1 of the Watchdogs job, don't let the cops shoot and destroy the escape vehicle.
Completely OVERKILL! (35) - Complete all contracts including pro jobs on the OVERKILL difficulty.
Culture Vultures (15) - In the Diamond job, secure 10 bags of additional loot.
Doctor Fantastic (15) - On day 2 of the Big Oil job, complete the heist with the first engine being correct.
Don't Bring the Heat (35) - In the Big Bank job, complete the heist without triggering the alarm.
F in Chemistry (15) - On day 1 of the Rats job, blow up the lab.
Fish A.I. (15) - On day 2 of the Watchdogs job, throw a loot bag into the sea, hoping fish move away as it gets near.
Going Places (15) - Gain $1.000.000 in total spendable cash.
Hot Lava 2.0 (15) - On day 1 of the Election Day job, use the computer in stealth without ever touching the ground.
I Got It, I Got It! (15) - Catch a bag mid­air.
I Will Fade To Dark (15) - In the Shadow Raid job, secure 4 bags of loot.
I Will Walk Faceless Among Men (15) - In the Shadow Raid job, secure all 4 pieces of the samurai armor.
I'm a Swinger (15) - In the Election Day job, complete the heist in stealth and swing the votes to the republican favour.
I've Got the Power (15) - In the Bomb: Dockyard heist, don't let the enemies cut the power.
In Town You're the Law, Out Here It's Me (15) - Kill a jump kicking Cloaker using any Shotgun.
It Takes A Pig To Kill A Pig (15) - Drop Floyd the Pig on top of a lawforcer.
Killin's As Easy As Breathing (15) - Kill 10 enemies in a row using any light machine gun without releasing the trigger.
Let's Do Th... (15) - In the Ukrainian job, complete the heist within 35 seconds.
Lord Of War (15) - On day 1 of the Firestarter job, steal all the weapons from the hangar.
Masked Villain (15) - Modify a mask for the first time.
Most Wanted (90) - Reach reputation level 100.
No One Cared Who I Was... (15) - Until I put on the mask.
OVERKILL Salutes You! (90) - Complete all contracts including pro jobs on the Death Wish difficulty.
Phew! (15) - On day two of the Hotline Miami job, save someone in need.
Police Brutality (15) - Beat a Shield to death using the Telescopic Baton.
Pump It Up (15) - On Bomb: Forest, stop the cops from disconnecting the water hose whilst using the river water pump.
Shit Just Got Real (30) - Complete all contracts including pro jobs on the Very Hard difficulty.
Sounds of Animals Fighting (15) - Finish the Hotline Miami job on hard difficulty or above, each member wearing a unique Hotlinemask.
Swing Dancing (15) - Complete any single day of a heist killing at least 50 enemies using only your melee weapon.
Tabula Rasa (90) - Finish Hoxton Breakout on OVERKILL, everyone using the Golden AK, C-Typewriter SMG, no skills/armor.
Tough Act to Follow (30) - Complete all contracts including pro jobs on the Hard difficulty.
Triple Kill (15) - Kill 3 enemies with one bullet using any Sniper rifle.
Walk Faster (15) - On day 2 of the Hotline Miami, reach the Commissar's crib in under 210 seconds on OVERKILL or above.
Yeah He's a Gold Digger (15) - In the Four Stores job, find a gold bar in the safe.
You Owe Me One (15) - In the Big Bank job, start the heist after having spent all 10 favors in preplanning.

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