Boom Ball 2 for Kinect Cheats - Xbox One

 All cheats for this game by platform: Xbox One
Check out these Boom Ball 2 for Kinect cheats and stay cool!
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Ball Conservationist (100) - Clear all levels without losing any balls (multiballs don't count).
Coconut Cracker (40) - Clear all levels in the Tropical Paradise area.
Crystal Crusher (40) - Clear all levels in the Crystal Cave area.
Cube Champion (40) - Hit 15,000 cubes (fireballs don't count).
Cube Hitter (20) - Hit 5,000 cubes (fireballs don't count).
Cubonator (50) - Hit 30,000 cubes (fireballs don't count).
Gold Collector (30) - Reach gold time in 10 levels.
Gold Hoarder (50) - Reach gold time in 25 levels.
Gold Medalist (20) - Reach gold time in 5 levels.
Juggernaut (10) - Break at least 30 cubes with a single heavy ball (explosion chain reactions don't count).
Knower of the Secret (50) - Unlock the secret level by clearing all other levels.
Left, Right, Left, Right (30) - Hit the same ball alternately between players 10 times without hitting any other balls in between.
Multiballistic (50) - Hit at least 6 different balls without losing any balls in between.
Multitasker (50) - Keep at least 3 balls in play 15 seconds. Hit each ball at least once and don't lose any balls.
Pyrotechnician (50) - Blow up 5,000 other cubes by using explosive cubes.
Silver Champion (100) - Reach silver time in all levels.
Silver Collector (30) - Reach silver time in 25 levels.
Silver Medalist (20) - Reach silver time in 10 levels.
Snow Plower (40) - Clear all levels in the Snowy Mountain area.
Space Destroyer (40) - Clear all levels in the Space area. Level 50 does not count.
Swimming in Gold (100) - Reach gold time in all levels.
Zen Exploder (40) - Clear all levels in the Cloud City area.

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