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Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore:

All-star Team-up (10) - Completed a Story issue in Co-op mode.
Silver Aged (15) - Sustained a 6x multiplier for 60 seconds.
Bagged and Boarded (15) - KO'ed 50 enemies with thrown objects.
Liver Thief (20) - Unlocked Rick's entire skill tree.
Pristine Mint (20) - Completed a full issue without taking any damage.
Secret Origin (10) - Fully upgrade any skill.
Epic Crossover (15) - Completed 5 Story issues in Co-op mode.
Femme Fatale (20) - Unlocked Lori's entire skill tree.
Golden Aged (20) - Earned 75K points in Survival mode.
Gutter King (15) - KO'ed 100 enemies by throwing them against the panel edges.
Shadow Artist (15) - Assassinate 50 enemies while invisible.
Squarebound Saga (25) - Defeated the final boss.

Unlock Avatar Awards
Unbound Saga Comic Books - Complete story mode on any difficulty.
Unbound Saga T-Shirt - Complete one episode on any difficulty.

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