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Primary Collection of Cheats
Enter in the cheats menu:

yougotitall - A++ specials unlocked and in players special list and set as owned in skate shop
needaride - All decks unlocked and free except for inkblot deck and gamestop deck
jammypack - Always special
allthebest - Full stats
frontandback - Perfect manual
balancegalore - Perfect rail
shellshock - Unlimited focus
newshound - Unlocks anchorman
shescaresme - Unlocks big realtor
enterandwin - Unlocks bum
hohohosoi - Unlocks Christian Hosoi
militarymen - Unlocks colonel and security guard
strangefellows - Unlocks dad + skater jam kid
birdhouse - Unlocks inkblot deck
notmono - Unlocks Jason Lee
mixitup - Unlocks Kevin Staab
manineedadate - Unlocks mascot
wearelosers - Unlocks nerd
themedia - Unlocks photography girl and filmer
sellsellsell - Unlocks skinny real estate agent
plus44 - Unlocks Travis Barker
badverybad - Unlocks twin
suckstobedead - Unlocks zombie
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

100 Games Online (20) - Finish 100 games online.
50 Games Online (15) - Finish 50 games online.
All Pro Challenges Completed (20) - You did everything the pro's challenged you to do.
Beat a Developer (50) - Win a skate session against a member of the dev team, or someone who already has.
Break 15 Bones in One Bail (10) - Break 15 bones in one bail. Man that hurts.
Burnquist Pro Challenge (10) - Find Bob and beat his challenge.
Capitol Classic Beaten at Sick (15) - Capitol Classic beaten at sick.
Factory Classic Beaten at Sick (15) - Amazing. You got sick on the Factory classic goal.
Factory Unlocked (10) - Unlocked the Factory.
First Sick Goal (5) - Congratulations, you completed a goal at Sick difficulty.
Full Stats (50) - You got every stat maxed. How long did that take you?
Fun Park Classic Beaten at Sick (15) - Amazing. You got sick on the Fun Park classic goal.
Funpark Unlocked (10) - Unlocked the Funpark.
Hang Time (20) - 14,000 seconds of air time.
Hit 50% of the Gaps (20) - 50 percent of the gaps found.
Hit all of the Gaps (35) - You've skated the world and found every gap. Congratulations.
Main St Classic Beaten at Sick (15) - Amazing. You got sick on the Main St classic goal.
Manual Master (20) - You've manualed for 140,000 feet!
Margera Pro Challenge (10) - Find Bam and beat his challenge.
Mullen Pro Challenge (10) - Find Rodney and beat his challenge.
Nice combo! (20) - Well done, you landed over 500,000 point combo.
Nyjah & Lyn-Z Pro Challenge (10) - Find Nyjah and Lyn-Z and beat the challenge.
Outta the Houses (10) - You escaped the suburban life, explore the world.
Played Xbox Live (10) - Play an online game.
Ranked Number 1! (100) - You are the number one skater on Project 8.
Rod Pro Challenge (10) - Find P-Rod and beat his challenge.
School Classic Beaten at Sick (15) - Amazing. You got sick on the School classic goal.
School Unlocked (10) - Unlocked the School.
Scored over 1,000,000 points! (10) - Scored over 1,000,000 points.
Secret Area Found (5) - You found your first secret area. Don't tell anyone.
Sheckler Pro Challenge (10) - Find Ryan and beat his challenge.
Sick Chalk Challenges (30) - Incredible, you beat all the goals at SICK difficulty.
Sick Classic Goals (30) - All classic goals at Sick? That's amazing.
Skate Classic Beaten at Sick (15) - Amazing. You got sick on the Skate Park classic goal.
Skate Park Unlocked (10) - Unlocked the Skate Park.
Slums Classic Beaten at Sick (15) - Amazing. You got sick on the Slums classic goal.
Slums Unlocked (10) - Unlocked the Slums.
Song Pro Challenge (10) - Find Daewon and beat his challenge.
Suburbia Classic Beaten at Sick (15) - Amazing. You got sick on the Suburbia classic goal.
The Daily Grind (20) - You've managed to grind for 140,000 total feet.
Training Complete (10) - You completed the training, go put what you learned into practice.
Vallely Pro Challenge (10) - Find Mike V and beat his challenge.
Williams & Dollin Pro Challenge (10) - Find Stevie and Dustin and beat the challenge.
You Made it Into Project 8 (50) - Congratulations, you cracked the top 8.
You Made it to Spot 4! (75) - Congratulations, you cracked the top 4.

Unlock Videos
By beating Various Parts of the game you'll unlock cool videos:

All Pros Behind The Scenes Videos - Beat Each Pro Challenge (ONE AT A TIME)
All Pros Day In The Life Videos - Get it from Jason Lee (ONE AT A TIME)
Bam Margera Pro Footage - Beat Bam Margera Pro Challenge
Bob Burnquist Pro Footage - Beat Bob Burnquist Pro Challenge
Daewon Song Pro Footage - Beat Daewon Song Pro Challenge
Dustin Dollin Pro Footage - Beat Dustion Dollin and Stevie Willams Pro Challenge
Lyn-Z Adams Hawkings Pro Footage - Beat Lyn-Z and Nyjah Pro Challenge
Mike V Pro Footage - Beat Mike V Pro Challenge
Nyjah Huston Pro Footage - Beat Lyn-Z and Nyjah Pro Challenge
Paul Rodriguez Pro Footage - Beat Paul Rodriguez Pro Challenge
Pro Bails 1 - Beat Tony Hawks Pro Challenge
Rodney Mullen Pro Footage - Beat Rodney Mullen Pro Challenge
Ryan Scheckler Pro Footage - Beat Ryan Scheckler Pro Challenge
Sponsor Movies - Get From The Start
Stevie Willams Pro Footage - Beat Dustion Dollin and Stevie Willams Pro Challenge

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